I’m out of shape. True story.

Walking up the stairs at work…oh heck…even walking a brisk pace these days – I get out of breath. It’s not my diet, I know that. Even though I love-me-some red velvet cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies, for the MOST part I will pat myself on the back and proudly report that I really do try to eat healthy. These days, in fact, I’m head-over-heals for fresh fruits and veggies, egg-white omelets with feta cheese and arugula, hearty salads, and healthy portions. My problem uncomfortably rests in the overflow of excuses that I so quickly and easily use to validate my lack of exercise.

It’s raining. I just ate. I feel a cold coming along, and don’t want to make it worse. I need coffee first. I’m too sleepy to get out of bed early. I’m too sleepy to work out after work. Blah blah blaaaah. That has gotten me nowhere. But don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always a little excuse-minded rebel.  I was a competitive rower for 8 years, an avid runner, I cycled across America one summer, and I was actually getting pretty good at Zumba. But then travel season for work kicked in last fall. Then winter decided to hang out for a while. Then I moved. Then my commute got longer. Oh my goodness…I’m DOOOING it again! Time to stop this madness. So I did.

With Stella and Sean cheering me on…ladies and gentlemen…I did it. This past Saturday morning I woke up at 8am, put on my new running shoes (shout out to City Sports in downtown Silver Spring for introducing me to the best shoes ever!), drank some water, ate a string cheese (shout out to string cheeeeese!), and got Stella (shout out to Stellaaaaa…ok I’ll stop) all excited for our morning run.

It was great! It sure wasn’t painless, but it was wonderful. Breathing in and out that morning air, reminding my leg muscles that I haven’t forgotten about them, waving to other runners as they pass by while awkwardly trying to refrain Stella from running after them, it was all exactly what I need. Not needed…what I need. Sean was sweet enough to take a photo of my start (he knew I was excited to restart my athletic lifestyle):

Over 3 miles! I was so happy! “Who’s that girl!!!?” It’s ME!

Speaking of…is anyone else as obsessed with the hit new T.V. show “New Girl” as I am? “Jess,” the lead character is an inspiration to me. She makes mistakes, sure, but she is someone who doesn’t wait for life to deliver happiness to her. She makes it, works for it, delivers homemade cupcakes to people she doesn’t know, trusts the world with her smile, and appropriately defends her happiness if anyone were to ever judge her. I just love her! This is exactly how I have always tried to live my life, how my parents raised me…and it’s just refreshing to actually see these characteristics on T.V. now as well.

It’s this kind of inner-strength that we all have in us, we just have to ignore that little excuse-minded rebel in our minds and remember who we are, and what we need. I’m thrilled that I fought that battle with myself on Saturday morning and actually ran 3 miles again. I’m back!

On that note….I’ll leave you for tonight’s “New Girl” episode. T-Minus 10 minutes until it starts!

4 thoughts on ““Who’s that giiiiiiiiirl……”

  1. OMG. Where to begin? First, Stella is ADORABLE. Just like her mama. And although I’m late on board, I love getting to hear your voice even when we’re not at work. You make me smile. 🙂 (See?)


    1. Yaaaay! Thank you my dear!!! You have to meet Stella – she’s a riot, and SO adorable. Thanks so much for reading 🙂


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