I think it’s safe to say that once each of us went away to college, our lives graciously began to adopt numerous meanings of this word. Sometimes I simply just love to say it: “hoooome.” I bet you probably love to say it. Oh heck, even E.T. loved to say it! There’s just something within that word that attaches our heart to a person, place or thing where we can reunite with who we are, where we came from, and then maybe even evaluate where it is we’re going…maybe…but for the most part it’s just good to be home.

I love coming home to Sean, Stella, and our beautiful new house every day. I love coming home to Chestertown, Maryland where I can catch up with good friends, and reminisce over my blissful years at Washington College. I love my weekly chats over the phone with my sensational sister who lives in South Carolina, and how even AT&T can provide a momentary home for us as we update on life that week. I love growing closer with Sean’s family each year, and calling both their family and house another true home for me as well. I love catching up with good friends over drinks and dinner – when our laughter, reassuring smiles, and life updates transform the restaurant into our own little home for a few hours. And of course…my parents: Victor and Jane Wilson. Have you met Vic and Jane? Why they each don’t make ABC News’ Person of the Week on a continuous basis is beyond me. They’re truly sensational people and I’m lucky enough to call them home as well. This past weekend, Sean & I went home to see them. A few things to know about coming home to see The Wilsons: expect a call (or two…and maybe a precious email as well) telling you how excited they are to see you soon. Then there’s the entrance into their driveway – you have to honk the horn with happiness multiple times so that the two of them know you’ve arrived. They then lovingly run outside, arms wide open, Momma signing “weeee!!” with joy, Dad is just beaming with happiness, and both are ready to bring you in for “supper.” You walk in the door (which is always covered with a “WELCOME HOME ___(insert your name)___!!!” sign, by the way) and you then soak up the aroma of both a clean home, and the delicious supper that Momma has waiting for you. And then the weekend just gets better and better! Here’s what we did:

Dad, Sean and I all explored Philadelphia on Saturday (St. Patty’s Day). It was such a beautiful day outside, and especially beautiful to have time to catch up with Dad. Wandering the energetic streets of Philadelphia was very refreshing. Here are a few of my favorite photos that Sean (Sean Mason Photography!!!) took:

Hilarious man outside of Reading Terminal Market who called me “Kat,” and proceeded to sing a blues song on the spot for me. I loved it!
Matching father and son on St. Patty’s Day.
Bicycle tricks outside of Boathouse Row
Phenomenal indoor market with any kind of freshly prepared food you can possibly crave!

Going along with the notion of coming “home,” we decided to take a cab over to Boathouse Row, where my love for rowing, running, and teamwork was born. In high school, I rowed 6 days a week for the Conestoga High School’s Varsity Crew team. Both this team and sport did more for my character those years in high school than I’ll ever be able to truly articulate. We were able to stroll through “Bachelors Boathouse” where it all started for me. Running up to the erg room – I challenged Sean to an ergometer race:

“Oh it’s ON Mason!”
Can we say “competitive?” I guess I got excited. Sean’s definitely in shock…and laughing.
We were always called twins in high school. So good to see my twin!


Well, THAT was exhausting. It reminded me why I never liked to erg…only to row.

Moving on! We later headed home and relaxed with a little March Madness T.V., followed by a DELICIOUS meal made by Momma: pork chop casserole, stuffed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits. It’s a good think I attempted a work out earlier that day – because this was a  true form of deliciousness to be tackled. It was out of this world! Later, Sean and I grabbed a few drinks with one of my good friends from high school, Sarah Baker, who currently lives and works close by to my parents. As we both said later – we really needed that!

Catching up with a good friend who you rarely get to see is a very rewarding sense of “home” that we all need every now and then. It’s a beautiful reminder that despite life moving and changing at a rapid rate, the special people in your life will always still be there even when their lives are changing just as much.

That same realization came after we attended church this morning. St. John’s Presbyterian Church has watched my sister and I grow up for over 20 years now. TWENTY YEARS! What a true home that church has been for us as well. My dad’s sermon was, as always, exquisite. His words of wisdom, poetic connections, and enthusiasm for life will bring you home immediately.

After church we came home for even more home-cooked meals…this one my mom just whipped up in about 10 minutes:

White Bean and Turkey Chilli with corn bread and a side salad. LOVE YOU MOMMA!

It was a phenomenal weekend. Sean and I couldn’t thank my parents enough for such a great trip. It was good to be home. And now…it’s good to be home in MD! On the way home today I saw a Pinterest inspiration: putting salads into “Mason” jars for pre-made lunches, ready for the week. LOVE IT!!! So I did it. I actually followed through with a Pinterest inspiration, rather than just re-pinning it for the sake of making my Pinterest Boards look cooler. What kind of salad did I DARE create? I’m so glad you asked…

  • Feta cheese
  • Mozzarella chese
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Yellow Squash
  • Broccoli
  • Arugula
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • AVOCADOS!!! (key ingredient)
I’m ready to chop 5 days worth of those veggies like a mad woman…


I DID IT!!! Lookout lunch room at Mason’s Office of Admissions…a soon to be Mrs. Mason is coming your way with veggie-filled Mason jars!

Well, now that I’ve successfully written probably the longest post so far. I think I’ll call it a night. Where and who ever you are – lots of hugs and sleep tight! Thank you for reading, and make sure you recapture plenty of your “homes” this week with those you love.

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