Remember how I’ve been trying to get back in shape? Well, I’m still trying: a 2 mile run here, a 3 mile run there, a walk around the neighborhood with Sean and Stella once in a while…but today was a breakthrough. FIVE miles! As in one, two, three, four….FIVE of them! Wohooo!!!! I’m completely exhausted now, but I’ve definitely felt like quite the little rockstar all day. I remember when 5 miles was easy breezy, beautiful (“cover girl!”) and that there used to be absolutely nothing to it back in college and high school. Then I suddenly began to grow closer to 30 and let continuous weekly exercise slip away from time to time. “Stop the madness!” I say. It’s time to bring back the easy and the breezy again.

While this morning’s run was anything but easy or breezy, it was so rejuvenating, and yes…beautiful. No one wants to spent their weekends sweating and in pain, am I right? But when the Sunday morning coffee, breakfast, morning T.V., Pinterest addiction, and online wedding venue searching is all out of my system…then what? I knew I wanted to clean the house a little, do some laundry, and make a fun dinner later that day, but that was reserved for “later that day.” What do you challenge yourself to do in those other hours of your day? I say make it beautiful with a little healthy exercise. Your heart and soul will thank you! Mine certainly did.

Interested in finding out how my five mile run went? ….no? Oh dear. Well tough cookies, prepare to be entertained anyway. Rather than rambling along as I typically do, I thought I’d try out a fun, more innovative way to take you along with me this morning. Anyone ever hear of the “GoPro” often used by snowboarders, skiers, surfers, and really anyone else who wants to personalize their active lifestyles into incredibly cool videos?  Here’s the GoPro website to see what it looks like, plus an amazing video on how it’s used: I strapped this puppy onto my “Life is Good” hat, while getting my actual puppy, Stella, pumped up for our morning run. A few things to know before watching this: our house’s “office” isn’t always that messy (it’s filled with Sean’s camera gear), our front lawn currently looks like a mine field because Sean’s filling all the holes with dirt so that we can even it all out more, also – you’re not actually going to sit through 40+ minutes of my run – it’ll speed up and slow down for your viewing pleasure. Shout out to the world’s best fiance’ who put this video together for me today!!! Enjoy:

Hope you liked it! I know the camera was shaky, but it was a fun way to document it not only for this blog, but as a reminder to myself that despite all the things I’m trying to accomplish each week – beautiful exercise like this must remain at the top of the list.

And in other news…I made a delicious new dish tonight! Last Christmas, my Momma gave me my very own Barefoot Contessa cookbook. OOOooohhh my goodness…are her meals delicious or what!? If you love to cook and don’t own a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, please go by one this week. You’ll thank me. I flipped through the pages this morning before my run and showed Sean the winner: Indonesian Grilled Swordfish. Sean loved the sound of that, and he was all in. Here’s the progression to gloriousness in 6 pictures:

DEEEEEELICIOUS if I dooooo say so myself! And yes…I do say so myself. Oh wow. Okay, so all of the ingredients in the first photo was in preparation for the marinade. Appaaaarently the swordfish is supposed to sit in the marinade for four hours or more. Weeellll, that didn’t happen. Instead I just stuffed it all politely into our friendly ziplock bag, then into the fridge for about two hours. Good enough for us! Sean slapped both fish filets right onto the grill, and after about 10 to 15 minutes, they were ready. They were SO juicy, coated with a nice glaze from the marinade, and oozing with flavor. As our sides, I locked in hearty sized asparagus from Trader Joes (love you, Trader Joes!) in aluminum foil with butter, salt, and pepper. I also had pre-cooked rice the night before just incase we wanted it for lunch or dinner. Smart lady, ehh? It was so good. Sunday nights have become our more romantic homemade dinner nights. It’s so special to have that time together before the work week starts up again. It just puts a little bow on the weekend.

Love to you all. Now go eat and exercise lots. With the right attitude, it’s not as annoying as it may sound. As long as you’re happy about it: it’s easy, breezy, and beautiful.

Thoughts? Please comment!

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