It happened.

As the chaotic months of spring travel season unfolded, and then luckily came to it’s natural halt around May 1st…I got sick.

We all have busier work seasons than others. Mine just happens to be January through May. Getting sick at the end of spring season in college admissions happens to me every year. It just reminds me of the things I need to do next spring season. I have to drink tea when I’ve had enough coffee. I have to load more fruits with anti-oxidants into my diet. I have to substitute a glass of wine for a glass of water when I’ll be up early the next morning. I have to exercise reeeguuularrlyyyyyy. So, it’s pretty obvious – I just have to take better care of myself when I’m busy. I decided to take a sick day and stayed home from work today in order to kick this sore throat and achey feeling out for good. It was a day like today – where I sulked around wearing an oversized hoodie with PJ pants, my hair was tied up in an unattractive birds nest of sorts, and I even developed a bit of a wimper as I wandered around the house feeling gross and sick – that I realized, I don’t think I want to do this again anytime soon.

Here’s a little display of today’s sick day goodies:

  • Camomile Tea (without caffeine)
  • Green Tea (with caffeine)
  • Honeyyyyy! (Ohhh this is so necessary to go along with your tea 🙂
  • Lemon (Slice these bad boys up and add them to your tea as well. Not a new invention or anything…just a classic touch that I always appreciate)
  • Sleep (Didn’t make the picture, but I decided to lie down for “just a minute” around noon today and ended up sleeping over 3 hours. As for not including me sleeping for over 3 hours in this photo…you’re welcome)
  • DayQuil (I think it worked. We’re just on Day 1 though…I’m bet it’s probably helping in some way)
  • NyQuil (Ditto on the DayQuil comment. Probably did a thing or two, and it actually didn’t make me as drowsy as I thought it would.)
  • Emergen-C packets (I will shout it from the mountain tops until the whole world is using these things…they SERIOUSLY work! Just add a packet to a glass of water, or to a cup of hot water. Approximately 1,000 milligrams of vitamin c in one of these Rockstar packets)
  • Oranges (Keepin’ it real! Pretty sure it’s all mental, but just the act of eating an orange makes me feel like I’m taking better care of myself)
  • Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (So classic. So yummy. So what my heart needed)
  • The ice cream was really only there for visual fun…that’s now sitting in the freezer, waiting for me and Sean to break it out for tonight’s new episode of NEW GIRL!!!

So that was my today. A whole lot of nothing but taking care of me. How often do we do that properly when life loads on the newness? I’m even feeling better. Not 100%, but it was a good enough day to recharge and start fresh.

And in other news…it’s almost time for New Girl….and tonight is no normal night….it’s the SEASON FINALE!!!

Thoughts? Please comment!

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