This past Memorial Day was so refreshing for me and Sean. I hope it was for you too! There’s just something about having a day to “be” that properly rejuvenates your soul.  It could’ve been just you and your own thoughts, a good book, or a fabulous T.V. show marathon for a few rare, peaceful hours. Maybe you were able to spend the day with your family – appreciating this great country with those who know you better than anyone and love you more than words can say. Or, maybe you had the chance to catch up with great friends, new or old, laughing hysterically throughout the day.

Wherever you were yesterday, I hope it was blissful.

On that note, I’d like to share that two very proud little Americans, Miss Katherine and Mr. Sean, have both completed some homemade projects just in time for Memorial Day. Wanna see?…..YAY!!! Here we go…..

Ladies and Gentlemen…Sean Mason….my man….built….by hand…a brick patio!!!! See it for yourself: 

I’m in love with him!

Yes. He built this with his own two hands. I’m so proud of him! Give it up for SEAN KARL MASON, everyone!!! In an effort to be more than just his little cheerleader, I helped a little with two side projects: Adirondack Chairs and Blueberry Pie. Here’s my documentation: 

Success! Shout out to Home Depot for providing these chairs for $30 each. All we had to do was put the pieces together, stain them…and badaBING badaBOOM! They were ours, and they were quite classy if I do say so myself 🙂 Now onto my blueberry pie:

Nutmeg + Cinnamon + SUUUUGARRRR + Flour + Lemon Zest


Pie was delicious. Sean LITERALLY licked the plate he loved it so much. You’re welcome, for not taking a photo of that part. But seriously…it was a delight to make. It made my soul so happy! Let’s fast forward a little to the afternoon where all of Sean’s work (which started only weeks ago) on our new beautiful brick patio was completed, our burgers were ready, and my favorite Bud Light Lime was chillin’ like a villan waiting for me:

So much happiness…Stella was exhausted 🙂

Thoughts? Please comment!

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