Newlie has become a special little blog where I can archive my weekly attempts to balance an assortment of goodies in life: cooking, baking, exercising, catching up with family and friends, learning how to make a house into our home, etc. But there’s something that I haven’t written about yet. It’s kind of the reason and inspiration for my blog….


Like…shout it from the mountain tops while holding a radio over my head – kind of in love. And what’s even better than that? He loves meeeeee! And we’re getting maaaaaarried! Am I making you sick to your stomach? Should I stop talking? Too bad. We get to spend the rest of our lives together, and I can’t even begin to express the joy that brings us. Sean is truly the most amazing, kind hearted, hilarious, handsome man I have ever met. And now…comes a very exciting next step:

Wedding Planning. 

Goodness GRACIOUS there’s a lot that goes into this stuff. Seriously! First of all, there’s the wedding date to choose. Then there’s the wedding websites to pick from. Then you begin the search for the perfect: venue, caterer, photographer, cake bakery, ceremony music, reception music, wedding dress, save the date cards, invitations, color scheme, ceremony program, place settings, place cards, dinner choices, rehearsal dinner restaurant, accommodations, gift registry, thank you cards, flowers, wedding favors, minister, budget, hair and make up artists…and believe me…the list goes on and on. But you know what? I’m seriously loving every minute of planning. It has been such a joy to plan the day that we’ll become husband and wife. I know I’m not the only lady out there planning a wedding right now, or maybe for some of you ladies, SOON to plan a wedding? Ehh!? So I’d love to share the websites and companies I’ve worked with so far who have made the process easy, breezy, and beautiful. Enjoy:

I definitely sprinted to the computer to make a Pinterest board named “I’m getting MARRIED!!!!” within the week that Sean proposed. It’s so much fun. Probably too much fun, to the point of slight addiction, but my fellow Pinterest lovers will understand. If you want to check out some of my “Pin-spirations” just click the icon above.

Wedding Wire is an absolute dream in terms of helping me to keep track of everything like: our budget, the wedding guest list, seating arrangements (our wedding is not ’til December, so I haven’t used that part – but it looks like fun!), monthly check lists, vendor searches, making your own wedding website for your guests, and tons more. It’s a huge help, and I personally like it much more than (too many ads on that site).

Wedding Paper Divas has been a gloooorious help because it’s affordable, personalized, beautiful, and gave us an adorable template for our Save the Dates. Our Save the Dates were delivered to our home within the week. Then…are you ready for this?…..I lost them. Like, totally misplaced them, had absolutely no clue where they were. Now…please tell me…WHAT BRIDE LOSES HER SAVE THE DATES?! I couldn’t find them for weeks. Started to reorder them, and then found them one afternoon conveniently snuggled in the trunk of my car. Apparently I had taken them with me to Pennsylvania to show them to my family one weekend, and then just forgot where I packed them. Whatever – problem solved!
Once it was time for us to look into wedding invitations, I really wanted to go with a privately owned company. Wedding Paper Divas was great for our Save the Dates. But for our invitations, Sean and I both a very traditional and formal look, and for someone to talk to us about all the options; to make the process informative, seamless and personable.  Ideally we’d find a privately owned small business so that our budgeted amount for these invitations could go toward a small business. And did I mentioned we also were hoping for affordable? So naturally we though, “Uhh…is that combination even possible?” Apparently it is. I just happend to Google “Wedding Invitations D.C.” and came across this precious-beyond-words little company, Just Paper and Tea, located along P Street in heart of fancy shmancy Georgetown. I called their number and the woman who answered the phone was named Carolyn. “OOHHH!! HAH! YAY! That’s my sister’s name!” (who also happens to be my Matron of Honor), I enthusiastically replied. I tend to get a little excited about small things from time to time :). Carolyn was such a sweetheart, and proceeded to answer all my initial burning questions about costs and how it met various style expectations. We scheduled a visit for that afternoon, I was late….woopsiessss….but she and her husband stayed late anyway.
OH MY GOSH….you HAVE to check out there adorable store (seen off to the right). It’s a small cozy little two room space with stationary in the first room, plenty of tea options as you enter the second room, and then ENDLESS invitation binders of invitation samples off to the right. Carolyn’s husband, Nick, went through various designs with me so that I’d feel a little more educated on all the various invitation options. After an hour and a half, I had more of a grasp on the enormous world of wedding invitations. It was a little overwhelming at first due to the CRAZY amount of options that our world has produced for weddings these days. Once I knew what I liked, I made an appointment for the next morning and brought the man himself, Mr. Sean Karl Mason, back to the store with me. You think I was overwhelmed? HAH! Sean just kept saying “Wow….uh…..I had no idea there were so many choices…….” but Nick was fantastic. Any confusion, worries, or questions that we had, he answered perfectly. One week later, he delivered us our first proof. Super fast. I cannot recommend this place enough! Check it out when you’re in Georgetown next, even if you’re only looking for cute teas or stationary.
That’s all for now. I’ll try to write more about any other vendors that make the world a better place once we’re finished working with them. For now: It’s a beautiful day, I have Frank Sinatra singing to me through the powers of Pandora Radio, and I want to attempt to cook a mouthwatering meal that I’ve made before. It’s the recipe I made at the end of the “True Life: I have the day off (Part II)” post from March.
Love, and thanks for reading 🙂

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