Let’s be real, how much do you love pockets? Pockets in your pants…pockets in your jacket…pockets even in your dresses (I LOVE them!!!)…pockets WITHIN pockets in your purse…and the list certainly continues. Whatever their venue, pockets are pretty sensational. It’s EVEN kicked the idea of ‘sliced bread’ to the curb. My friend Stephanie once explained how great something is by enthusiastically proclaiming one of my new favorite lines in life:

Oh, it’s the greatest thing since pockets!!!

I think my heart skipped a beat when she said that. This is why we’re friends. I just adore phrases that celebrate an idea like that! And yes, I LOVE pockets. But this little Newlie post tonight is not about those simple and predictable old pockets that you store your loose change in, or that you’ll find a movie stub in 3 weeks later. Nope. This one’s about pockets of time.

When life gets a little busier than I’d like, or at least when my mind gets hectic with too many worries or ideas fluttering around in there, it’s just a sign that I need a few more “pockets of time” for the right people in my life. Even just pockets of time, just to “be.” Getting older makes such a sacred season like the summer completely fly by more than ever before. I talked about it a lot in one of my recent posts, Summer Freedom. I recently started thinking more about how grateful I am for these little pockets of time at my first official BBQ night of the summer. A couple of weeks ago, Sean and I drove out to Ellicott City, Maryland to spend the afternoon and evening with some good friends. These are friends that I’ve been extremely lucky enough to inherit because they’re Sean’s good friends from college. It was an evening of everything you hope to get out of a BBQ with friends in the summertime (shout out to Tony Giampapa for these photos!):

Me enjoying a game while barefoot, in my favorite jeans, sippin’ white wine:

Sean investigating his new love of Scotch:

Something that’s a little “newlie” growing into my late 20’s life: Friends becoming parents!

And then we have the classic scene, of NON-parents, mixed in with NEW parents: 

I can’t stop laughing every time I see this photo. Ohhhh I loooove these moments. Maybe it’s the sweet summer air, the cheer of victory over an outdoor game, a baby lighting up a living room full of friends with her precious smile, the fact that CeCe is chugging a beer while the new dad, Tony, looks up at the camera with pure bewilderment, or a moment to hear how someone else’s life is going, or heck…maybe it’s even the white wine that’s making me giggle a little more. But, whatever the reason, these quickly become pretty sensational pockets of time that I’m learning to keep as a constant.

Last Saturday we had about 30 friends stop by our house throughout the day for crabs, burgers & drinks. Despite last weekend’s EXHAUSTING heat reaching OVER 106 degrees…it was still an awesome day. Whether friends stopped by for 30 minutes, 3 hours, or the whole afternoon…it was so refreshing to see everyone in our home!

I’m even learning to be better about breaking out this concept by using whatever spare time I have, to instead fill it with life-updates from my best friends who live all over the nation right now. This morning I called Carolyn (my sensational rockstar of a sister and matron of honor! She lives in South Carolina.) for the few 10 minutes that I had in between meetings, and buildings, on campus at work. This afternoon I spoke with my mom (SO needed…always. I’ve been blessed with, truly, the world’s most joyful and delightful Momma. She lives outside of Philly, but is about to move to North Carolina with my dad in a few weeks once they’re both retired!), then I spoke with one of my best friends from college, Brandi (she lives in D.C., and she’s been one of my best friends for nearly 10 years!), and THEN I spoke with my best friend from high school, Katie (she’s known me since elementary school, and is sincerely the definition of a best friend. She lives in North Carolina right now, and I miss her dearly!). And YESTERDAY I called my friend Erica from Seattle (catching up on her new baby-to-be!).

Before I knew it, I was home! The horrible commute of an hour and a half just flew by me without frustration thanks to those pockets of time with my friends.

Love to my family and friends. They’re truly: “the best thing since pockets.”

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