Myyyyy goodness! Newlie has officially reached a whole “newlie” level of ambiance. Tonight’s little bad boy of a post is coming to you live from the heavenly comfort of, not our air conditioned computer room, but instead our backyard patio in this glorious weather.

Hhhmmmmm….this non-humid evening is so special. Sean’s inside perfecting a couple new photos he took (*coughSEAN MASON PHOTOGRAPHYcough cough*…oh excuse me! I had a tickle in my throat). Meanwhile, I’m enjoying a little Bud Light Lime (so deliciously necessary for the summertime) and singing along to some tunes with the help of Ray LaMontagne, Eric Hutchinson, Amos Lee, Adele, Gavin Degraw, Patty Griffin, and many others who have yet to make my musical heart happy through the wonders of Pandora Radio. I love singing. I don’t like people to listen to me though…and I hope the neighbors didn’t hear! It’s just one of those nights that I have to be outside. I loaded up the bug spray knowing how terribly obsessed the mosquitos can get with my skin, and in addition to my laptop and Bud Light Lime, I have cintronella candles sitting on either side of me, guarding me with their short little lives. Thanks guys.

So that’s all nice. What the heck is my point?! Why am I rambling about cintronella candles as the evening passes you by. Don’t most posts have a point? Well I have one. I promise.

You see, “Katherine’s Agenda” (that’s meeeeeee in the picture, out here writing tonight!) will often get aggressively long with things that feel like I should get done. Demanding agendas that I set for myself, but they’re also ones that can’t necessarily be accomplished overnight; or certainly not on a beautifully distracting night like this. But “NEWLIE’S Agenda” forces me to take in tonight in its truest form, its simplicity, and to let it inspire me to clear my mind and re-evaluate the more important things that should be bumped up to my list. Things that make me feel much better about what I’m doing with my time. Things like:

  • Writing my Grandmother
  • Writing “thank you” notes
  • Taking in deep breathes of the sweet summer air
  • Asking Sean to tell me a ghost story as we light a fire in our outdoor fire pit and roast marshmallows (Oh, it’s totally happening. Jealous? Then come over!)
  • Listening to the crickets
  • Singing along to Frank Sinatra (he just came on Pandora ; )
  • Smiling for no good reason
  • Playing fetch with Stella
  • Catching a firefly, and naming it before setting it free again
  • Enjoying the simplicity of our lives right now, BEFORE we have children running around in a few years
  • Saying “hey” to the sensational neighbors that we’ve been blessed with
  • Doing a cartwheel or two for the heck of it
  • Laughing
  • Thinking up a new dinner to create for our Friday night “date night” tomorrow (we’ve been trying to save money by having date nights at home – try it!)

You get it. Just time to clear my head to make sure, at the end of a long day of productively thinking a lot, to instead think like a “newlie” inspired lady. So, with that said…please excuse me. I have a few thank you cards to write, some sweet summer air to breathe in, some crickets to listen to, and a cartwheel to perfect.

Happy thinking.

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