You know that saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for a bride? Well…this past weekend I got a taste, in a delightful variety, of my “something new.” One could even call it “something Newlie!” Too much?

So on Friday afternoon, after my typical 2 hour commute home from Fairfax, VA to Silver Spring, MD, I arrived home just in time to get ready for dinner in downtown Silver Spring with our neighbors Jessie and Jason. I put my bags down, noticed a new arrival to our living room floor, and squealed with pure, unfiltered excitement: “….Ahhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! Oh my GOOOOODNESS! Heheheeeeeeeee!!!!” (totally a normal reaction when I’m excited, by the way).  What caused this enthusiasm? This box from Macy’s:

Sean and I had received our very first wedding gift (over 4 months early!), curtesy of some wonderful family friends who live down South. I bet most brides remember their very first wedding gift shipped to them off their registry. It was a wonderful feeling. That was a great start to my weekend, and a perfect pick-me-up after that discouraging commute. It kept getting better too – my first taste of Ethiopian food was up next!

We hopped in our neighbors’ car and headed to downtown Silver Spring. Neither Sean nor I, had tried Ethiopian food before. I was always reluctant because of my secretly snooty mindset of how the food looks, and how you had to eat with your hands. I love trying new things…but I’ll admit…I’m a little too anxious about new food sometimes. My family will tell you – I know what I like, and I like to stick to that! So this was a good “Newlie” night for me to step out of my shell. We arrived to “Abol,” located along Colesville Road:

Ethiopian Beer ~ the boys liked it!
Honey Wine ~ I’m a huge fan now!
Our DELICIOUS assortment to share. No utensils. You just use the bread and your hands to gather your next bite. Different, but I loved it!
Jason and Jessie. Love these two! We’re so lucky to have neighbors like them.

What a perfect little Friday night. New friends/neighbors, new food, and a new appreciation for what our new town of Silver Spring holds for us.

Then, yesterday happend. Our wedding invitations were officially ready for pick up. AHHH! Kind of a big deal. If you remember from my earlier post, Hello, “love!”, Sean and I carefully selected our invitations from the adorable and classy boutique stationary store called “Just Paper and Tea” located on P Street in Georgetown. They were ready for pick up last week, but our weekend’s agenda got too busy and I never made it into the city. But yesterday…it was time. I parked my car along M Street and hiked up Wisconsin Avenue amidst the casual Seattle-like rain. My heart was pounding, I was breathing heavily, and I felt … nervous. What if it wasn’t what we wanted? What if these invitations looked different than we imagined? I arrived at the corner of Wisconsin and P Street, I turned left, and my heart softened at the sight of this delightful store, as if I were back home:

Wow, “it really is ‘just paper,’ silly girl!” I thought to myself. Weddings have a tendency to stir up your usual thoughts into worries from time to time, but thankfully they always come back down to reality when you realize that everything’s just fine. I was in shock – they were PERFECT, even better than I had imagined. Thank you so much, Nick and Carolyn, for your beautiful work!

It’s been a rainy, yet blissful weekend. Right now, Sean’s reading away downstairs, I’m sippin’ my Sunday morning coffee, and Stella’s peacefully asleep on our hardwood floor. I’m a lucky girl to have all of this, and I’m so grateful for all of the “something new” gifts and experiences that come along with our marriage in December 🙂

Happy Sunday.

Thoughts? Please comment!

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