Chocolate. There are a few people out there who don’t like it or care for it…and that’s……well, that’s…fine. I’m just not one of them. I was the little girl who would sneak an enormous chocolate chip cookie in her mouth right before dinner, hoping her parents wouldn’t see (oh and they did…I wasn’t very good at being sneaky). I just love chocolate. It’s so classic, so smooth, and such a special treat to humanity!

Two things happened this weekend:

1) I made this recipe for the 2nd time this week: 

2) Sean and I joined a gym.

We love food, we love to cook, we love sweets, we love using our money wisely, and we love being active. As much as we love food, as gloomy as the weather has been lately, and as young as we are – there’s no reason why we can’t take better care of ourselves by investing in a good gym. So yesterday we jumped in the car and met with a representative at the Silver Spring Washington Sports Club to sign up. Special shout out to Nolan for being fantastic! She enthusiastically brought us on board and answered any questions we had about our new commitment. I’ve missed feeling active, feeling like my muscles are awake and ready for whatever adventure is next. Having these classes back in my life will be so sensational:

Group Classes at Washington Sports Club | Silver Spring

More than anything, making the conscious decision as a “newlie” married couple to maintain our health together meant the world to me. It was SO fun to hop around the gym from one machine to the next with my handsome cutie-pie of a husband smiling back at me. He even taught me a thing or two about boxing. Apparently I have a pretty rockin right hook. Is that what it’s called? A right hook? I don’t remember. Whatever, it was really fun. I’m no rockstar, but you might not want to deprive me of chocolate any time soon. Hehe…kidding.

One more thing about how fun being back in the gym was, and then I’ll get to describing the double chocolate cookie recipe. When I was on the eliptical machine I had set it for 20 minutes, but thanks to the little TV attached, I ended up pushing it to 35 minutes because the movie “Charlie’s Angels” was on. LOVE that movie. I wanted to keep watching, and as Lucy Lu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore were taking care of business I kept cranking up the speed as if I was an “Angel” myself. Before I knew it, I burned a ton of calories and still felt fantastic. Pretty effective, those TV’s!

Okay, now for the cookies back home in my kitchen. Like I said, I made this recipe twice this week already. It’s really unhealthy, but hey, that’s why we joined a gym. The official recipe that I used can be found here:, but below is my own little documentation of how these cookies from heaven are created:

Ingredients - Double Choc CookiesYou’ll need: salt, cocoa powder, a stick of butter (ya scared yet?), a bag of chocolate chips (but a bag is almost too much…I’d use like 3/4 of the bag), 2 eggs, vanilla extract (mmmm, love the smell of vanilla), baking soda, sugar, flour, and I’d recommend a good mixer. LOVE MY KITCHEN AID MIXER!!! Here we go:

Step 1Beat the eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and butter (pre-softened) so that it gets all fluffy. Then add in the cocoa, flour, salt, and baking soda. It’ll start to get pretty thick and tough, so I usually switch the kitchen aid whisk with a more durable utensil so that it doesn’t get stuck and un-stirred in the center.

Then…add…more chocolate. Again, a bag is (was) too much, so just use about 3/4 of the bag or even maybe half the bag.  Isn’t it beautiful already?!?!

Olivia Thanksgiving 2012-47Once it’s all mixed together, and the pre-heated oven has reached 350 degrees, ball up the dough so that you’ll have close to 2 dozen cookies (I use two un-greased cookie sheets). Keep an eye on them as they’ll cook pretty fast, but it depends on how large you make the cookies. The first time I cooked them, they were ready in 10 minutes. This 2nd time needed a good 15 minutes.

CookingAnd then……when you have them out, cooled, and ready for devouring – get the glass of milk ready. It’s for sure a heavenly combination.

Double Chocolate Cookies

Happy deliciousness.

Thoughts? Please comment!

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