Happy Saturday morning, friends. I have some news to share.

So after nearly 3 years at George Mason University, I will soon be leaving my role as an Associate Director of Admissions for a new regional admissions position with the world renowned culinary school that I completely adore – The Culinary Institue of America (www.ciachef.edu), or more affectionately called “The CIA.” The CIA’s main campus is located in Hyde Park, New York and it overlooks the beautiful Hudson River. The campus is breathtaking. Seriously. Its main academic & administrative building “Roth Hall” was renovated from an old Jesuit seminary. Check out some photos of campus:

cia alumniMy commute from Silver Spring, Maryland to Fairfax, Virginia each day has really gotten to me. For about a year and a half I’ve commuted an hour in the morning (which I feel is pretty average for DC commuters) but then an hour and a half to sometimes two hours each afternoon.  I can’t take that drive anymore. I needed my life, exercise, and sanity back. When I stumbled upon this position it was like everything I’ve ever wanted out of my career – the ability to work from a home office (no more commuting!!!), and to focus my time solely on admissions recruiting. Right now my position is very marketing and recruitment heavy, but I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily my passion to balance the two. I now get to counsel students in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia who are interested in attending the CIA’s main campus in Hyde Park. The professionalism and prestige of this institution has blown me away. Did you know that Anthony Bourdain is an alum? So is the Founder and CEO of Chipotle, Steve Ells! And many, many more. Click on the alumni image to see who else is kind of a big deal.

I have LOVED working for Mason. When you work in college admissions, you absolutely have to believe in the school that you’re promoting to students. You lose sleep in the fall and spring seasons attending evening college fairs and morning high school visits. You spend hours on the phone and in person at work with perspective parents and students answering their 47302908 questions about what courses they could take in 2 years time, what the campus life is like, what internships are readily available, etc. You carefully review application after application, essay after essay, and transcript after transcript each winter to ensure that your institution will have the best possible incoming freshman class. That said – ya kiiiinda have to whole heartedly love and admire your university. Mason was and always will be easy to love. I will absolutely miss working for them, and more importantly working with my talented, hilarious, energetic admissions team.

My last day at Mason will be May 3rd. Then, after a week off to get my new home office ready, I start my new position at the CIA on May 13th. I’m SO excited!!! The first two weeks will be especially fun as I’ll travel up there to Hyde Park and stay there… TWO WEEKS! I get to shadow a few of their culinary classes, taste test their creations in some of their student-led restaurants, go for a run alongside the gorgeous Hudson River, and I even get to take a culinary enthusiasts’ course one day! HELLO HEAVEN!!! Get ready, cause I plan to post, Tweet, and Instagram like crazy those two weeks as I document my new career-home. I’m so thrilled for my new life to start.

Anywho…go enjoy this gorgeous day. Just had to share 🙂

Happy weekend.

5 thoughts on “Newlie News: “The CIA”

  1. Congratulations! That sounds like a perfect fit for you! My husband works in college admissions and I know all too well what this business is like. It can be fun – with the colleagues and whatnot – but it has its tough moments. And compounded with a grueling commute (I had one like that for 3 years; not fun!) makes things especially difficult. All the best in the new job!


  2. Congrats Katherine!! So absolutely excited that you’ll have this opportunity. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but wish you were actually moving from my first home (Silver Spring) to my second (NY). But this shall do (just kidding). I wish you years of success and when you’re up here impressing all of the future culinary students, we should definitely grab drinks!


    1. Forgot that I’m following in your location footsteps haha! Thanks so much, Liz. Let’s totally grab drinks when I’m up there! I’ll be back and forth a bit each year so we can definitely make that happen 😉


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