Dear Tennessee,

You have some of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever met. You set a weary, tightly wound traveler from D.C. at ease even despite her calendar’s limited time for relaxing. Thank you for not letting me witness one single moment of road rage from your drivers (D.C. – you could learn a thing or two from Tennessee!).

Thank you for allowing my fellow Washington College alumnae and I to run up and down your rolling hills, to take in the most glorious star-lit night run we’ve ever witnessed, and to cheer our hearts out while aggressively ringing our cowbells for each teammate running. Thank you to those Ragnar Relay volunteers who stood outside all hours of the night in freezing temperatures, shining a light of hope at the end of our long and exhausting legs. Thank you to those two middle/elementary schools that let our runners sleep on their gymnasium floors and use real bathrooms.

Thank you for your aspiring chefs who are crazy excited about our sensational food industry, with wide eyes and ears for my dear CIA.

And let’s not forget country music. Thank you for live music everywhere I went. Thank you for your head-over-heels love of America through each country song I hear. Including this airport terminal…with live music….I love it!

My soul is restored thanks to this amazing week! I hope to see you again soon, Tennessee.

Big hugs,



Thoughts? Please comment!

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