I went for a walk this morning with Stella. It’s kinda becoming “our thing” lately as I keep up with my daily attempt to stay healthy and get out of the house/office at least twice a day. I had a fabulous time on our walk. Nothing remarkable or unexpected happened…but it was just peaceful and I wanna write about it.

There’s just something about going for a walk in early June when all the scents of spring are alive, the sun blissfully rises before the rest of the world does, and people are extra precious. That last one…let’s talk about how adorable people are in the morning for just a minute.

Walking around my neighborhood at 6:45 a.m. while the sun is shining and the breeze carries all the gorgeous scents of spring, I saw people slowly stumble out of their homes to reluctantly take out the trash, wander over to their cars for a dreaded commute, and some of them even saw me and mustered up a tired little smile following my overzealous greeting: “Hehe! GOOD MOOORNING!”…which was probably a little much for them. But before they get cranky and need their coffee, they are quiet and somber…just waiting patiently for their 1st cup of joy (coffee/tea I’m assuming) will kick in. I think it’s quite cute.

People aren’t always adorable. I totally get it. Life between Monday – Friday forces the seemingly endless cycle of home to work…work work work…work to home – and that’s hard to look forward to. But perhaps, this morning you’ll take a moment to look up on the metro…or on the bus…or in the car at the driver in the lane over who begrudgingly also sits parked in traffic…and smile at them. Try not to be creepy about it, but just keep it sincere. After all, you’re in the same boat as them and you both share something similar: despite how hard the commute and daily grind can be…you value your life and the income that your work provides you. It’s a gift that you and all those people work so hard for.

Meanwhile…check out that sunshine! Eh? It’s totally bursting with joy this morning! And what the heck…go order yourself another cup of coffee. Make sure it’s delicious. Get the caffeine going if that’s what it takes, and go share your smile and “Good morning!”‘s with your coworkers. And while I have your attention still…why not finish off your attention to this post with one of the greatest new songs:

So there we have it. Lots of reasons to enjoy this morning right smack dab in the middle of the week. Enjoy your day, friends.

I’ll get to work now 🙂

Thoughts? Please comment!

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