This post packs some news with a lil’ punch. Are y’all ready for this?

We’re moving!

Last month Sean came home with some news of an opportunity to relocate within the company he works for. This news prompted a solid 30 seconds of silence from me to contemplate what he just said (that’s a long time for me to not talk…trust me). So we turned off the T.V., poured a couple drinks, ignored any chores (hah…twist MY arm!), and really took time to let this opportunity sink in.

We didn’t have to say yes. It was just a really great opportunity for his career…and a location that we never considered, but knew we’d love. We were totally in! Pretty excited about it actually…but were we crazy?!

Many couples our age who live in such an exciting area like D.C. would be like “Hhhhaaaaaaaayyl no!” to this type of move. But for a while now we’ve been dreaming of open land, a significant decrease in traffic, and more simply – just someplace new and different in our beautiful country. We also realized that this is falling into our lives at a time where we don’t have kids, we’re still young (30’s better still count as young), and we don’t know when an opportunity like this will come our way again.

So you’re probably like…”KATHERINE…omg seriously, just tell us where you’re moving!!!”


Watch the first 30 seconds of the video below to get the grand announcement:

Surprise!!! Now I’d like to poll your reaction:


So that’s our big news.

As of this August, so less than 3 months, we’ll be all packed up and headed across the country to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is huge for us!!! Here’s the very little that I knew about Oklahoma when I said “…sure!” last month:

  • Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, lives there! Think we could become BFF’s? We’ll see.
  • Tornadoes. Tornadoes. Tornadoes. Are you following me on Instagram yet? I have a feeling that my posts of the weather are about to get MUCH more exciting.
  • Cowgirl boots! I own one pair. I’m totally in love with them and feel severely out of place when I wear them around here in MD sometimes. Not for long!

That’s about all I knew at first. But now, day by day I’m learning a ton about “the Sooner state” and plan to post more as the countdown to this exciting adventure draws near.

It was an easy decision in some ways, but really difficult in others. Our family and friends mean the WORLD to us, and 90% of them are all here along the east coast, accessible within a day’s drive. Luckily as we’ve started to share this news, everyone has been incredibly supportive and can’t wait to visit! This support has given us the affirmation that we’ve needed. It also means that my time working as the D.C.-area Regional Admissions Counselor for The Culinary Institute of America will come to a close this year as my position is territory based. I have loved working for such an incredible school and will always be an enthusiastic little cheerleader for the world’s best culinary college. That said – the hunt is on to find my next professional venue. More news on that front one day!

In the meantime – I’ll take ANY moving advice I can get. I feel like 3 months is a good amount of time to pack, search for a rental in OK, prepare to be a landlord for our home here in MD, find a great new job for myself, and while we’re at it…plan one heck of an amazing cross country road trip in August! Any advice? Words of wisdom?! Throw ’em at me and comment below!

Thanks for hearing our big news, friends. 🙂


12 thoughts on “We’re moving to…

  1. Wow!! This is awesome news! I totally understand how you feel about moving away from family (we are in MI while our families are out west or in PA), but they are always supportive in anyway they can be…even if it’s just a phone call. As a pro mover…having just completed our third move in a year…if you can afford to, hire movers. It truly makes life so much easier. We have used movers for the last two of our three moves and they have been fantastic (I can recommend a good one if you want)! Use to find packing supplies/boxes for free or pick them up for free from your local supermarket (they will often give them to you if you go early before they compact them). If you lived closer I’d give you all of our boxes/packing supplies (I’ve got tons of tape, bubble wrap & newsprint)! I also recommend packing the kitchen last that way you can use things up until right before you move. I wish you guys the best of luck!!

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    1. Sarah that’s a HUGE help! Thanks so much for that advice. Never heard about before and that’s a great idea for getting boxes from the supermarket. Smart lady! We were totally unsure about if we should hire movers or not but everyone is advising us to use them. I’d love to hear what company you’ve worked with. You’re the best!!!


      1. Relocating cost are tax deductible….so keep track of all expenses and you’ll should get a bigger return this year 🙂


        1. Good call Eric! We’ll keep this in mind. It’s so easy to throw away receipts and such when we’re trying to get rid of stuff/declutter/etc. Thanks!


  2. So happy for you and Sean. This is a really wonderful opportunity for y’all. BUT I voted for “I’m crying right now” because I will absolutely miss you. Upside: I get to come visit you in Oklahoma! Or… perhaps we can meet up somewhere else..:) Love to you both. xoxo

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  3. We are truly sooo happy for this great opportunity for the two of you! You will meet lots of new people and see a brand new part of the country. Will be glued to any threat of tornados on TV though, and we will pray a lot!

    Just know it’s going to be such a great new adventure for you and Sean! We can talk every day by phone and
    Daddy and I will come visit! Tee hee!

    Love you all!

    Mama and Daddy

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    1. Mama you’ve been the world’s best cheerleader throughout this whole transition! Love you so much. Thank you and can’t wait for you and Dad to spend time with us in the Great Plains!!! Tehehe!


  4. Congrats! This is so fun. My Ragnar friend says you must take Stella to Biscuit Acres dog park there. That’s all I know about Tulsa. Enjoy the move!

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    1. Biscuit Acres – AWESOME! She’s gonna love it. I’m totally taking note of that one after she will have been stuck in the truck with us for our 3 or 4 day road trip and needing to run free for a few hours! Thanks so much, lady and CONGRATS again on your 1st Ragnar!!! Isn’t it addicting!?


    1. Girrrl I’m gonna totally need your tips! Thank you 🙂 That’s gonna be a huge help. Flights to Tulsa are probably WAY cheaper than flights to DC! Plus…gives us better reason to head up your way soon too! Love & miss you too girl!


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