Sean & I have a seemingly endless list of “to do’s” lately: packing, cleaning, errands….followed by more packing, cleaning, and errands. It started off with the typical stress of attempting to organize and de-clutter a home that’s accumulated years of dusty papers, old clothes that we haven’t worn in years, etc. Thankfully, the stress is dwindling as I’ve started to see more clearly again; that it’s all for the best. It really is.

Apart from the fact that we’re continuing our little lives in a brand new, beautiful, part of our great country, I’m realizing what a happy time moving can be when I choose to see it from its best angle. This past week has evoked a million positive memories from our past; the video I put together from my cross-country bike trip in 2007, Sean’s baseball cards and family photos, letters from my Grandmama over the years, medals from high school and college crew races, and so much more. How lucky we are to have a life like this! It’s so easy to remember what we need to do, what we’re doing wrong, and what we should do better. But what I’ve loved about this time of packing is (apart from throwing non-keepsakes into donate and trash piles…’cause that’s a pretty sweet feeling on its own) has been revisiting these memories and organizing them so that we can reach them again when we need it most.

But then, there’s also the part of packing that gets all-consuming and exhausting. Like, when our house is filled with cardboard boxes, paint, spackle, tools, dust, packing tape, 863 pens, 72 un-accompanied socks, enough change to buy our groceries for the next month…oh, I could just go on and on! I’ve learned via this “newlie” (yay!) found happiness in packing that it’s best to give myself time to do something fun each day to break it all up. Tonight, it’s dinner in Annapolis with my girls. This morning, it was playing frisbee with Stella on our front lawn, talking to my mama and sister on the phone, annnnnd planning our road trip in about 6 weeks!!!

This is where YOU come in. I need your advice! I found the awesome site, Roadtrippers, which helps you plan your upcoming road trip. Check out the map I’ve pasted below to show you our planned stops.. You can click on it to make it larger. We’re hoping to do this in 3 or 4 days:

  1. Day 1: Silver Spring, MD to Newburg, MD – first stop to see Sean’s parents
  2. Day 2: Newburg, MD to Black Mountain, NC – next stop to see my parents
  3. Day 3: Black Mountain, NC to Nashville, TN – onward and westward! Hoping to get dinner in downtown Nashville, and for us to see a show at the Grand Ol’ Opry. I’ve been to Nashville & Opry once before and LOVED it. Can’t wait to re-visit w/ Sean! Any dinner suggestions in Nashville?!
  4. Day 4: Nashville, TN to Memphis, TN to Little Rock, AR to Tulsa, OK! – thinking we could do this all in a day (see the hours in between each destination below on the left). Any lunch or sightseeing suggestions for Memphis? What about sightseeing suggestions for a quick hour/so in Little Rock?

Road Trip to Tulsa!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions, friends!!! I can’t wait for this little adventure, followed by the big adventure of living in Oklahoma!

I’ll get back to packing now.

Big hugs, and happy Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Packin’ & Plannin’

  1. You should stop in Memphis! I used to live there 🙂 It’s a charming little town and I’ll be thinking of my favorite places to stop – know what time of day you might be there?

    I’m also excited for you to get to Tulsa 😉


    1. Yay! Thanks Jessica 🙂 We’ll likely get to Memphis (we’ve never been!) around noon or so. We’ll definitely be hungry for lunch. One of my friends recommended “Cozy Corner” for some BBQ, and we’re open to anything. I think we could spend about 2/3 hours between lunch and a little drive/stroll around town, so I definitely welcome any of your suggestions!


      1. I suppose you do have to do BBQ while you’re there. The BBQ nachos from Central BBQ are my favorite – you can go to the original location on Central Ave (and then proceed to drive west on Central through some beautiful neighborhoods) or the downtown location close to the Civil Rights Museum. There’s a beautiful trail along the Mississippi if the weather is nice and you want to walk off a little bit of lunch.

        If you don’t want BBQ, there’s Cheffies (a locally owned build your own salad/sandwich place in High Point), Cafe Eclectic (cafe in Midtown by Rhodes College with an excellent breakfast menu selection all day. Grab a bite there then tour around the beautiful campus), The Arcade (a downtown diner that serves the best, and only sweet potato pancakes I’ve ever had), and Overton square is a new area that has developed after I left with locally owned restaurants as well.

        I love Memphis and hope you do too. It was my first home away from where I grew up and I feel so attached to that city and it’s people.

        Can’t wait to see what you do – let me know if you have more questions!

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        1. Jessica that’s a HUGE help! I love having options, since you never know what craving will hit us the day-of, so those suggestions are perfect for us! I’ll definitely let you know what we end up doing. We can’t wait. And more than anything, we can’t wait for Tulsa! We’ll be living in Owasso, actually, but we really love the area and it seems like a perfect distance to Tulsa. So excited…1 week!

          Thanks again 🙂


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