Tomorrow officially welcomes my 3rd trimester (woohooooo!!!) at 28 weeks and we’ve done a lot to prepare knowing that the twins are likely to arrive early. Obviously we’d LOVE for them to stay in my belly as long as possible, but we’re prepared for any week now. It could happen in 2 weeks…4…6…8…who knows! IMG_9573

The hospital bag is almost ready.

The diaper bag that I’m already in love with is packed.

We’ve learned how to install both car seats.

The nursery is coming along adorably.

Sean and I took an Infant CPR class.

I took a breastfeeding class.

I’ve joined the Tulsa Mothers of Multiples group (shout out to the TMOMs!).

We’ve gone on a tour of the labor, delivery, and NICU wings of our awesome hospital in Tulsa.

I’ve even got our little 3 ring binder ready with all the important documents we need. (Nerd alert!)

Can you tell we’re excited?!

Now, we wait.

It’s a very strange feeling to just sit here and wait for my children (and this crazy new chapter in my life) to get here. The waiting game is not easy. Do you remember that perfect scene at the end of When Harry Met Sally? Harry sums it up beautifully by saying:

“…when you realize you wanna spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Well said, Harry. I luckily found my “somebody,” but now we’re both ready to spend the rest of our lives with our two little ones and we’d LOVE for the rest of our lives to start as soon as possible :). But…we have to wait…and wait…and wait. Life with our twins will undoubtedly be the greatest, most rewarding chapter in our lives. However, the whirlwind of the: intense challenges, screaming fits, bumps and bruises, temper tantrums, and sleep deprivation that will face us as new parents, not to mention attempting to do all of this “times two”, is very intimidating.

Friends of ours have reminded us to take time for ourselves these last few weeks. Even though I’m on “modified bedrest” I can still go out w/ hubby for occasional dinners, movies, or even short road trips just as long as I’m not on my feet very long. I try to savor sleeping in for a little while longer (and through the night for that matter). I’m also trying to appreciate the simple freedom of managing each day with only my & Sean’s agenda in place. As it’s all about to change, this is the time to celebrate “just us” for a little while longer.

22 weeks - 2Words can’t even begin to express how thankful we are to have our little boy and girl both on the way. We’re honestly still in shock and can’t believe that this dream came true. The other day I said to Sean, “Babe, how did we get so lucky?” Sean confidently replied with a smile, “Because we deserve this.” I love him so much. He’s right. We do deserve this! We’ve been praying for children for years. Years! Getting pregnant can be a long-term struggle on its own and it doesn’t just happen as quickly as most people think. There are so many couples who deserve this too and wait patiently for their turn to finally become parents. We’re very lucky to finally be here.

Hubby’s gentle reminder eased my heart. It allowed me to set aside those normal mama-to-be fears and instead turn it into the gratitude and confidence that I know I have in me to be a good mama; also to not only survive any parenting challenges ahead, but to celebrate that they even exist.

Lately, I like using this time to mentally prepare by remembering any fears I’ve overcome in order to tackle some of my greatest challenges to date. It’s a beautiful reminder that I’ve got everything I need now – all the spiritual, mental, and physical tools to be a great mother. I channel memories like:

  • rowing competitively for 8 years
  • buying a one-way ticket to Seattle, WA to live there after college, knowing no one
  • cycling coast to coast across America during the summer of 2007
  • running 2 RAGNAR relays with my fellow Washington College alumnae
  • moving to Oklahoma in 2014 knowing no one but my hubby and our dog

These things started out a ‘lil terrifying, were out of my comfort zone, and at times made me question whether I was up for the challenge. Beautifully though…every single one of those outcomes made me feel that it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. The friends I made, the mental and physical fears I overcame, and more than anything – the trust I grew in myself all reminded me that I have everything I need to get through this whole “two at once” + 1st-time-parent path ahead.

So, to my babies, I say bring it on :). I cannot wait to have them change our lives forever!

Thanks for reading, friends! Anything you’re anxiously waiting for? I hope this helps you too. It certainly helps me!

Happy waiting ;),



2 thoughts on “Now, we wait.

  1. Kath, very well said. Living in the moment can be tough sometime but so very worth it!! Hope you enjoy the rest of this time with Sean! Looking forward to seeing a birth announcement as soon as those little ones are ready to meet us!!

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