Growing up, I vaguely thought I understood the sacrifices that mothers make for their children, but as my days of entering motherhood are growing as quickly as my pregnant belly is – I’m starting to see it all more clearly now. I find myself clinging to every memory of what my mama did for me, my sister, and my dad over the years because I truly hope to be the same kind of mother to my children.


In honor of my sweet mama, Jane, here are a few of my favorite things about her:

  1. Her pure, unapologetic, confident joy.
  2. The precious ways she turned chores into games when I was a little girl so that I’d actually enjoy doing them.
  3. When I thank her for doing something for me, she always replies with “Oh it’s my JOY!” 🙂
  4. Those mouthwatering meals she makes and displays with love.
  5. The many days that she stayed home from work to take care of me because I had strep throat for the 348th time.
  6. Every single joyful call to me just checking in.
  7. When she’s sitting in a chair and is so excited that she can’t keep her feet on the floor, so she sticks her legs straight out and they just stay there while she’s beaming with joy. Not gonna lie…I find myself doing it all the time too!
  8. When she plays the piano you can literally hear her spirit and happiness through the music.
  9. How she laughs genuinely at my jokes! I just love laughing with her.
  10. Her love of helping other people.

This is her first Mother’s Day without her own mama, my Grandmama Carolyn, who passed away last fall. When Grandmama Carolyn passed away it was hard for our entire family to imagine a life without her, even when we had time to mentally prepare that she was ready to go “home.” Grandmama was one of those ladies who would meet a stranger in the grocery store, change their life with her smile and sweet demeanor, then ask if there was anything she could help pray for. I remember friends and neighbors of hers would frequently stop by when I visited her just to “check in” or drop off a meal for her…but really you could tell that they just needed a dose of her happy, peaceful spirit in their life. What a beautiful soul she was. I see her spirit in both my mama and sister every day.

Grandmama knew that Sean and I had been trying to start a family for a while, so she prayed for us daily. Y’all…it still gives me chills to say this, but just days after we said goodbye to her at her funeral in North Carolina, Sean and I found out that I was pregnant! Weeks later we learned we’re having twins, and months later we learned that it was one boy and one girl. I call these babies our little miracles, and I thank God and my dear Grandmama in heaven all the time for them.

The love, joy, and care that a mother can give is remarkable. I feel such a special urgency to carry on these traits as I enter motherhood to these two little miracles. I’ll be tested with projectile vomit, about a million dirty diapers, seemingly endless tears, and both mental and physical exhaustion…but nothing can prepare me for the love that I’ll feel when they’re here. That, and the simple reminder from my mama that happiness is a choice, is all that I need. 🙂

Sending my love to my sweet friends who are mamas, soon-to-be mamas, and those who are going through the same journey I’ve gone through to get here. You are inspirational – I hope you know that!

Now, go thank your mama!

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!


4 thoughts on ““Mama”

  1. Katherine – That was a delightful tribute and there is NO doubt you are and will continue to be an amazing mother. Flashing you love and prayers! 🌺 Happy Mother’s Day, Earline

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  2. Such a beautiful celebration of the mamas in your life. I am filled to the brim with excitement for the twins ever approaching arrival. I know your journey into motherhood is going to be one of beauty and grace. Lots of love!

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    1. You are such a beautiful person and friend, Alison!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Made my day. I’m THRILLED for your little one to enter this world soon too, having you for a mama. Love you!


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