Dear Oklahoma

Dear Oklahoma,

Two sweet little years ago we rolled into Owasso with our U Haul in tow and settled in for a new adventure. Road trips, bike paths, tornado warnings, country concerts, new friends, a great job, and TWO BABIES later…here we are, even more in love with this beautiful land than ever before.

This move gave us the breath of fresh air that Sean and I craved when fighting D.C. traffic and cranky city commuters years ago. D.C. is an incredible place, but being “country people” at heart, this move came at a perfect time. We continue to be overwhelmed by the sweet, laid back, genuine nature of the people here. I adore the friends I’ve made, the inviting landscape I’veΒ explored, and the simple fact that my children were born here.

Happy 2 years to us, Oklahoma! Thanks for keeping life so beautiful.



Author: Katherine

Hey! I'm Katherine. I live in the greater Tulsa, OK area with my hubby, our fraternal (boy & girl) twins, and our yellow lab. I adore writing, running, biking, laughing, cooking, baking, and traveling. Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you enjoy a post or two!

3 thoughts

    1. And I feel so special to have experienced Oklahoma with youuuu!!! Miss you so much too, my dear! Look out for an invite in Sept for a “meet the twins” party in DC this fall! πŸ˜‰


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