Ever tried keeping track of only the positive things that happened throughout your day? Seriously – ONLY the positive things. No negativity from the day. Just the good stuff.

I did this a bit back in college. It’s highly contagious once you get going, and a great way to start seeing life differently. What priceless moments are happening that you want to bottle up and remember later?  Write them down. What sounds, sights, tastes, or feelings did you notice while going about your day that made your heart happy? Write them down.


To give you an idea of what I mean, check out all the posts titled “Yay for the Day” located in the category, Yay!, found in the header. I doubt I’ll be diligent enough to keep track of every single day, but I’ll post as frequently as I can.

Keeping track of things like this has allowed my mom-brain and go-go-go attitude to wind things back a bit and see this precious time with a clear focus. I just don’t want to miss a moment!

Big hugs,


Thoughts? Please comment!

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