5:30am feeding in exchange for baby snuggles. Back to sleep for another hour.

Henry’s giggles. Emily’s chatter. Emily’s smile. Henry’s smile. 1st cup of coffee…I smile…they both smile. Back to giggles.

My forever comfortable grey LuLaRoe leggings. Stormy morning. Let Henry & Emily see & hear the rain from our covered patio. Zero expectations for the day and loving it so far. Playlist compilation for Saturday’s Tulsa Run. Tummy time rockstars. Double snuggles.

2nd cup of coffee. Diaper changing chit-chat. Sauteed veggies with leftover seasoned chicken. Trader Joe’s cold pomegranate flavored green tea. FaceTime with my sweet mama. Henry & Emily showed off their cute moves for her.

Discoveries in their walkers. Ambition setting in. Productivity. Clean laundry. Naptime article reading. Afternoon sunshine. Slow stroller walk one neighborhood over. Fresh air. Trees changing color. The kind old man who drives a tractor yelled out “How ‘dem babies?!” 2 miles conquered. Smiles turned to sleeping on the walk. Bottle prep success.

Zero dinner prep thanks to leftovers. Hubby’s home. Put their Halloween costumes on. Laughed hysterically. Took pictures (posting tomorrow!). Fell in love with my babies all over again. Bottles & pureed carrots. Bedtime routine as a fam.

Red wine. Modern Family.

Great day.


6 thoughts on “Yay for the Day

  1. These are the days you will treasure forever Katherine! And you are doing just that. You teach us all every day to celebrate life and all its special the moments. Thank you for being your fantastic self; you are an inspiration, a sister, a daughter, a mama, a dear friend to so many, an aunt, a wife and an incredible human being!



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