4:15 a.m. feeding, requested by cute Henry. I woke up sweet Emily to stay synced. Adored how sloth-like she was before totally downing her bottle like a champ. Neck hugs from both after diaper changes. “Night-night time” I whispered softly. I crawled back in bed around 5:00 a.m. Both up again at 7:00 a.m. Sweet boy hugged my side as I held him while making coffee. Added some honey and milk. Hmmmm, I adore my coffee. Sweet Emmy played quietly in her walker. She practiced turning the pages to “Goodnight Moon”.

My heart melts constantly for those two.

Watched as H & E looked in awe at our tree as I plugged in the lights. They are so amazed by our Christmas tree. We got it yesterday. Reminds me of how brand new everything is to them. Watched an episode of House Hunters during their bottle feeding. Cute colonial move-in-ready house for the win! Diaper changes led to putting them each in cute matching Christmas onesies. Photo op! Play-mat time by the tree. Emmy’s chit chat and constant curiosity. Henry’s energy and explosive smile.

Sean’s up! He took on a feeding while I make eggs & grits, my favorite. Sean showed me photography tips. Christmas music played in the background on Pandora.

Sean told me to go enjoy some “me time” which is everything to me. I love him so much. Threw my hair in a messy bun, boots + leggings + a LulaRoe top on. Zipped over to Starbucks in Owasso while listening to my favorite station “99.5 Big Country” on the radio. Elderly man behind me in line at Starbucks told me that his cell phone is difficult to navigate. I sympathized with him and he smiled with relief. I don’t really think cell phones are difficult to navigate…I just wanted to see him smile :). We told each other to have a great day.

Overcast sky turned to a really beautiful one. Did a few bloggyblog things as I sip my iced coffee with vanilla syrup (no classic for me!) and 2% milk. Answered some emails. Christmas music played throughout the store. Caught myself singing along quietly. I thought about how motherhood has made me care less about what other people think. I absolutely love that :).

Groceries then back home. Sean was watching football with the babies :).

Football doesn’t count when it comes to kids watching too much T.V.!

…he reminded me. I smiled and gave him a smooch. Bring on the football! He made us Triscuit nachos while I jumped in for the next bottle feeding.

Christmas cards ordered! Last feeding of the night. Downed their bottles and tried pureed peas. Henry was a fan. Emily…hilariously was not. Nursery room nighttime snuggles as a fam.

Glass of white wine. Quiet living room. Looked at our tree, candles, and sleeping lab.

Great day.

Thoughts? Please comment!

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