Thursday, December 15

Up just before 6 to the sounds of sweet but hungry babies and realized that they slept nearly 12 hours last night! Happy mama! Chugged their bottles like champs. Sean tag-teamed in to play with them for a bit while I got myself sorted for the day. Heard him talking to them from downstairs. I just love how much he loves them.

Made my 1st cup of coffee. Hmmmm, I adore my coffee. The taste, the smell, the cozy warmth…all of it. Wrapped 2 presents while Christmas music played and Henry & Emily meandered about in their walkers. Thought of how special our time in the NC mountains will be with my family next week. Sean told H & E a hilarious made-up story and I couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

Bottle feeding while I watched a House Hunters episode. This one was in TULSA! Ahhh! Cute couple who were totally down for a reno project. Found their hidden gem. Love them!

Played in the nursery. Emmy rolled around in every direction she could on the floor. Little lady’s on the move! Henry tried out a few new sounds which were adorable….and very funny.

Spilled crumbled feta cheese ALL over the kitchen floor but Henry thought it was hilarious and Stella (our lab) joyfully cleaned it up for me. Ventured out of the house with H & E to buy Sean’s Christmas present. Sweet store clerks carried it to my car for me. Babies kept sleeping in their car seats so I got to tidy up to the sounds of their soft snores and precious breathing. Heart melted. Kept sleeping so I moved them to the bathroom so that I could sneak in a shower. WIN!

Sean’s work holiday party! Los Cabos. Babies came along and were admired in their Christmas pj’s. Enjoyed a sangria margarita. So delicious! Nice people. Good to get out as a family.

Great day.

Thoughts? Please comment!

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