Our little miracles are 7 months old already! Can you believe it!?



We are completely head over heels in love with our little princess! Her phrase of the month is “dadadadDADADAdada!” Needless to say, Dada (a.k.a. Sean) is especially excited. She lights up the room with her smile and giggles…and those CHEEKS!



Watch out, y’all…our little man is on the verge of mobile and he’s about to become the cutest little tornado the world has ever seen! He keeps us on our toes constantly, and Sean has discovered that this is pay-back for when he was a “little man” himself. Thanks, Sean ;). His joy and appreciation for a good snuggle just melts our hearts.

They’re currently working on sitting up on their own and they’re trying desperately to crawl (not yet, but soon!). They love trying new solids, but mama isn’t exactly loving when they try to feed themselves ;). They also LOVE The Little Gym, and we’re on a mission to go once a week this winter to meet new friends and learn new tricks!

But the most precious thing of all? Henry and Emily’s bond. Nothing prepared us for how special this bond is. We saw glimpses of how special their twin-bond is early on, but as they grow so does their sweet friendship.


Happy 7 months, sweetiepies. We love you so much.

Big hugs,


Thoughts? Please comment!

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