The past 9 months have been a crazy beautiful whirlwind…but especially the past month. This whole mobile baby thing? And two at once? Wooooaaah, y’all. These two are keeping me & Sean on our toes and they’re not even walking yet! We’re in for a wild ride, but we’re loving it. Every minute. Like…crazy IN LOVE with these two!

Let’s kick this 9 month post off with a Flipgram of the past month. It’s just a few randomly fabulous photos and videos that lived in my phone over the past month:


That face…those cheeks…that giggle and oohhhh her sweet snuggles! I love our little angel so much. Emily is still squealing to the high heavens. I’m convinced the entire midwest can hear her high pitched screeches throughout the day if y’all listen closely. Baby girl is CRAWLING now! She loves to pull herself up anywhere she can…which keeps her mama on her toes for sure ;). And while her brother is busy crawling all over creation too, she crawls only for a bit then sits and observes her surroundings attentively. She loves when we hold her hands for a bit of walking practice. She’s growing beautifully in the 60th percentile for her height, and has 1 tooth…soon to be 2!

We love you forever and ever, sweet baby girl!


Handsome Henry! Also know as Hurricane Henry…Hungry Henry…Hangry Henry…Hilarious Henry…Happy Henry…I could go on and on. This little boy is bursting with personality. He’s also quite the flirt when we go on outings. Henry loves the ladies 🙂 Other than crawling, holding himself up while standing, and desperately wanting to practice walking with our help, he’s also obsessed with doors. Doors doors doors. Aaaabsolutely loves ’em. But mostly, this little man is always fascinated with how things work. He’s in the 90th percentile for his height! Sometimes people mistake him for a 2 year old. Hah…nope…just 9 months 😉 He’s rockin 3 teeth and working on his 4th right now!

Henry, we love you to no end. You bring us SO much joy!



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