We’re in DOUBLE DIGIT months now! I can’t believe that in 8-ish weeks they’ll turn one year old. I put together another fun Flipgram of the past month! Wanna see?! Here’s their 9 month recap:

Both of them love crawling, exploring, pulling themselves up, standing while holding on to something, waving, clapping, and practice walking with help from us!


5 things we love about Henry:

His smile.

His curiosity for how things work.

His humor.

The way he rests his head down and smiles when he’s sleepy but oh-so-happy.

How GIGANTIC this boy is!

5 things we love about Emily:

Her gorgeous eyes.

How she loves to be held, but likes her personal space.

How she laughs so hard that each giggle practically falls over the next one.

Her determination.

Her smile.


We love these two to the moon & back!!! Bring it on, month 10 🙂

4 thoughts on “Henry & Emily: 10 Months

  1. Wow! They have learned so much in 10 months. They are both sooooo cute and seem like best friends but are definitely different individuals. Most of all they are so lucky to have such wonderful parents and super loving grandparents.

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