So remember when I told y’all about that 12 week remote fit camp that I signed up for in Feb? Here’s that original post: Fit Camp! {from home}. Well…I DID IT! I completely loved it, needed it, and desperately want it back in my life again. It was the first time in far too long that I felt like I got my strength back, and then some.

Before this program I always felt like I was playing catch up to my dreams of being in my best shape, as if it was always out of reach. I was going to StudiOne’s Boot Camp class once a week and I loved it, but it was hard to fit in other workouts throughout the week on my own without guidance…in the tail end of winter…as a stay at home mom of twins. Doing “all the things” is not easy when you have infant twins and I really needed a flexible program like this.

This program made working out empowering again (not a chore), made me much more productive, and gave Henry & Emily some hilarious entertainment while playing around my workouts.


Fit Camp, in a nutshell:

It’s run by Jessica Sprenkel, co-owner of StudiOne in downtown Tulsa. She emails you once a week with 3 days of workouts. Each workout day consists of 3 circuits (Day 1 = Legs, Day 2 = Arms, Day 3 = Full Body), and each of those circuits are only 8 minutes long. You can totally crush it and do them all at once with a minute/two break in between (less than 30 min of your day, which is not bad), or you can break those circuits out throughout the day and do one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one before dinner…whatever works for your life that day. On 2 or 3 of the days you’re not doing circuits, you’re encouraged to fit in cardio however/whenever you can. Throughout the 12 weeks she offers cardio suggestions and really keeps you motivated.

I even rocked some workouts at the park in between stroller walks. Here’s a time-lapse I took during week 4:

The other HUGE benefit to doing the program was her private FB page for those of us doing this remotely. We posted when we were done that day, encouraged each other, posted pics of our progress, fails, dogs, kids, all of it!

And thanks to this program, around halfway through it I got my time for a 3 mile run back under 30 minutes:

That’s the thing, y’all. Because of these circuits, my body responded to running better than it has in YEARS! I’ve seen my average per-mile pace drop every week. I can hold both of my babies and take them up the stairs more easily, I have more energy, I even eat healthier!

It’s not easy. You’ll be tired. It takes good ol’ hard work, sweat, sore muscles, and total trust to do a 12 week program on top of everything else in your life, but…it works…and I feel pretty baller. 😉

Big fan.

The next online fit camp starts Monday, May 1st. As in this coming Monday. I’m in! Who else!? It’s $75 for 12 weeks (or $25 per month). Email Jessica to sign up…then comment or message me if you join to hear me go “Yaaaaay!!!”

Big hugs,

Katherine 🙂


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