The days of my two little bugs walking independently, running, and cartwheeling through life are seemingly minutes away. Both Henry and Emily surprise me and Sean daily at how quickly their balance improves, how fearless they are, and how joyful they become with every new discovery. It’s truly an honor to watch these two souls grow.


A while back I wrote about how I wanted to ease into postpartum fitness at a slow but steady pace without over exerting myself. My motto was “Baby Steps, Before Babies’ Steps” to keep myself mindful of just how much my body had been through in the past year.

Looking back at this first year as a new mom, it was the best mentality for me. Truly. I pushed myself just to keep up with a steady rate of workouts each week, but I also relinquished any self-doubt when I couldn’t run a pre-mama-kath average pace right away. I tend to be tough on myself, but instead I celebrated every step along the way the best I could.

Best feeling ever.

It’s both funny and beautiful because…that’s exactly what Emily & Henry are doing as they work towards their own “next step.” I can see the explosive joy in their eyes when they take another step…on their own! It’s inspiring.

So here we are. Now I’ve gotta keep my promise. I said before that I’ll only allow myself to push my limits in workouts only once they begin doing the same by taking literal steps. While they’re not “walking” yet, they have taken a few independent steps on their own and that’s reason enough for me.

So what’s my “next step”, you ask? It’s official:

I’ve signed up for the Route 66 Half-Marathon!!!

I’m SO EXCITED! And nervous. Luckily I’ve run one half marathon once before (shout out to Carrianne Downey, fellow twin mama and running buddy, for that amazing race!) in D.C. back in 2013. This race isn’t until November so I’ve got time to prepare, and thanks to the remote Fit Camp program that I’m doing, I’ve learned to keep a solid foundation and schedule of strength workouts from home each week.

No excuses. 🙂

I hope you follow me on this journey! My main social outlet these days is Instagram: @ok.kath. Are you a new mom in a fitness journey too? Let me know so I can follow you too!

Long story – short…this past year I’ve learned about balance…figuratively. And as I’ve barely scratched the surface of motherhood, I reckon I’ve got a lot of learning ahead of me still. I wouldn’t have it any other way :).

On to my next step. What’s yours?

Big hugs,



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