Wednesday, May 30

6am wakeup call greeted by my 2 soon-to-be 1 year olds smiling ear-to-ear as I walked in the nursery. “Gooooooood MOOORNIIING!” I said, arms outstretched with a gigantic smile.

Emily’s cold hid behind her joyful smile. Henry smiled and dove into me for snuggles.

Diaper changes without much fuss, then told them it’s time to go downstairs and they knew just what to do. They crawled to me and each took a side. A baby on each hip; a pose that makes me feel like Super Mom.

Sean jumped in for double-baby snuggles after their breakfast. He took Henry for Stella’s (our yellow lab) morning fetch time at the cul de sac. One-on-one time with my girl! I love this time. Practiced her walking but mostly snuggled in the rocker. Sweet girl has been fighting a cold and just loves her snuggles.

Sean left for work and I tried getting H & E to practice waving goodbye and blowing kisses. Henry bolted for the door with a huge smile on his face. He LOVES his dada! 🙂

HGTV while I folded laundry and watched H & E take over the living room with books and toys. Soaked in an episode of Tiny House Hunters and admired the family of 4 moving into a small space, ridding themselves of “stuff.”

Turned off the T.V. and played upstairs. Carpeted bliss for this crawling & kinda/almost walking stage. I decided to let my inner goofball out and tried crawling through their collapsible toddler tunnel. Henry thought it was hilarious. I almost got stuck. Laughed at myself and kept on playing with them. Sipped coffee and watched them play. Viewed a few Instagram stories and appreciated what the internet has done for the world; connecting and inspiring us daily.

Morning walk! Walks always cure any fussiness the MOMENT we step outside. 70’s and gorgeous. I walked more slowly this morning to just take in the day. Saw horses, a donkey, a creek, birds, dogs, heard roosters, and saw some neighbors helping neighbors. A beautiful constant breeze delivered smells of fresh cut grass and honeysuckle.

Snack then naptime. I LOVE THEIR NAPTIME. Just an hour this morning, but I packed in what I could: cleaned kitchen, ate some food, then rested on our patio with music playing on my laptop.

Playtime in the backyard. Music played. Watched H & E kind of share with grace and I loved every minute of it.

Giggles at lunchtime. Made a homemade iced coffee with milk and honey.

Playtime upstairs mixed with longer than usual snuggles. They’re so on the move these days, and I appreciate every snuggle I can get. Books read. Emily took one more step that usual – she’s up to 7 steps on her own now! Henry climbed in and out of the book cubby and flashed me that “I did this!” smile.

Dinner time for the babies followed by playtime upstairs. Henry was SO happy once I gave up putting clothes on him. Little man crawled around SO FAST and so happy in only his diaper. Emily played peekaboo with a laundry basket to get my attention.

Dada’s home! Snuggles and day-recaps. Final bottles. More playtime as a family. “Nightnight time.” Sean recited his usual bedtime story: “Goodnight Goodnight, Construction Site.”

Had dinner with Sean and we kept the TV off to just sit and catch up.

Had some me-time on the patio with a glass of white wine, some music playing, and watched the sunset.

Great day.

2 thoughts on “Yays for the Day

  1. Print these blogs out for the day when Henry and Emily are grown. ( Or when they are teenagers- HA!) These moments are so so so dear and precious. Thanks for sharing! You may not know it but you and Sean are building future generations by all your wonderful parenting. Lucky lucky twins!
    Love you!


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