I still remember sharing the news back in 2014 that we were moving to Oklahoma for Sean’s work. Our friends and family were of course sweet and supportive, but I could tell they thought we were a little crazy. Maybe were were!? But dang…I’m so glad we were.

Why would we leave our sweet home, family, and friends near the nation’s capital? Why would we move to the middle of the country….like…not knowing anyone? I know it seemed odd at the time, but to me and Sean – everything about this move felt right. Apart from being a great opportunity for Sean’s work, it was also the right time to escape the hustle and bustle of D.C. and explore a beautiful new part of our country on our own. Without a doubt – living here has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

This August would have marked 4 wonderful years living here, but we won’t quite make it to that anniversary. Y’all know that we completely fell in love with Oklahoma, but we also know that our forever-place needs to be near our families, especially as our little cutiepies grow faster than ever. Luckily, Sean’s work has an office in Raleigh, NC which is equidistant to both of our families. Raleigh’s also a mid-way point between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Outer Banks, and it’s nestled between some incredible colleges and universities for me to hopefully…one day…fingers crossed…work for whenever I go back to work full time.

i believe in raleigh

North Carolina is where we see ourselves long-term. I was born in Charlotte, Sean and I were married near Asheville, and my family lives throughout the state. While Raleigh itself will be new to our family, North Carolina has always felt like home.

So there you have it. We’re mooooving!!! Baaahhhh!

We’ll miss Oklahoma dearly, and I truly mean that. I can tell you right now that I’ll be boo-hoo’ing in the car as we leave this beautiful state. But it’s time to build our future. It’s time to bring back to life the Carolina-girl in me!

Next up? Alllll the packing. A long weekend in February for house hunting. More packing. Mooooore packinnnggg. Then finally – the 3+ day drive (with TWIN TODDLERS! Advice? Help!? Ahhh!) in April! Feel free to start your prayers….right now 😉

Thoughts? Advice? Hugs?

Big hugs,


2 thoughts on “Carolina Bound

  1. Oh Katherine I’m sure the families are soooo excited! Oklahoma was a great time for you and Sean to grow as a couple/family and I think all young couples benefit from that. Going back to your comfort zone is always special, hope all goes well and smooth! Peace and Grace, 💫 earline PS. Hugs 🤗 to al!

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    1. Thank you so much, Earline! We are over the moon about settling down in NC soon. You said it – great to have time to ourselves in OK, but so amazing to soon be closer to family too!


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