My birthday yesterday was so special. 34! I get awfully reflective on my birthday. Although so much of aging and motherhood can be stressful and exhausting, deep down I know that aging is just a sweet reminder that I’m still kickin’ (wahoo!), and that motherhood is both an INCREDIBLE blessing and a constant reminder to be my best self.

Days like yesterday remind me to sit, breathe, pray, sing in the car (Big Country 99.5 for the win!), and simply be grateful for all that I have.

And of course…I wrote my annual list.

This list grows by one each year – 34 now :). It’s my chance to celebrate a few little things that make me oh-so happy. I HIGHLY recommend it. Seriously. It’s amazing how gratitude puts your entire life into perspective. Especially on your birthday 🙂

  1. Coffee with milk and honey
  2. The freedom of having a few hours to myself
  3. Red wine
  4. Fire pits
  5. The smell of a smoky charcoal grill
  6. Old school country music
  7. My daughter’s giggles and curls
  8. My son’s belly laughs and hugs
  9. How music so effortlessly brings people together
  10. Motherhood
  11. Steak – medium rare
  12. Gratitude
  13. My hilarious, handsome hubby
  14. Unapologetic, contagious joy
  15. Showing Emily & Henry the sunrise through their window each morning
  16. Hiking
  17. Reminders from parents of teenagers/adults that it all goes by so fast
  18. How beautifully This Is Us captures life…all the feels…all the lessons
  19. The clarity that running gives me
  20. Thick cut applewood smoked bacon
  21. The sound of laughter when it’s heavily snowing around you and you’re all bundled up
  22. Surrounding myself with people who inspire me
  23. Homemade anything
  24. Hair down, makeup on, and wearing clothes that don’t resemble workouts/SAHM life for a change
  25. When Henry & Emily give each other a hug
  26. Wood fired pizza
  27. Chardonnay
  28. The relief of warmer weather
  29. The anticipation of our upcoming house hunt, especially considering how obsessed I am with HGTV
  30. Decluttering our home and life
  31. A week long vacation (anywhere beautiful)
  32. A gentle Oklahoma breeze in the summer
  33. A clean house
  34. The sound of a cozy, crackling fire


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