Baby Steps before Babies’ Steps

I ran a 5k (Tulsa Run) on Saturday! It was a big deal for me. Huge. It was the first time that I tackled a race, let alone 3.1 miles, in well over a year.


In my pre-preggo/pre-mama life I ran 5k’s, a couple of 10 mile races, a half marathon and 2 Ragnar races. I wasn’t a phenomenal runner by any means, but I loved the challenge and how it kept me healthy. I’m my best self when I keep moving and stay challenged. But for the past year my body barely remembered those days.

My twin pregnancy was a doozy. I was on modified bed rest for months and as the belly weight double-timed in its intensity, so did the stress on my joints. But here I am nearly 5 months later looking at my sweet bib from Saturday and I’m already getting pumped for another 5K in Owasso this weekend! I’m gonna be bold and say it:

I’m proud of myself!

I don’t think we say that about ourselves enough, especially when we’re often our own worst critic.

Why are those 4 words so hard to say?!

For me, I often set the bar way too high, then get frustrated and exhausted when I can’t reach it in record time. That’s basically how I’ve felt about this race until recently. I wanted to reach 3 miles in my training over a month ago but I just wasn’t there. I had to learn to pace my body slower than my mind wanted me to, especially with so few windows of time to fit in a run each week. Saturday’s 5K was incredibly slow for me, but as I was reminded before the race: everyone has their own goal. For me, I just have to remember to take baby steps…before my babies take their first steps!

“Baby Steps before Babies’ Steps” is my own reminder to keep exercising regularly as I have been, but not push myself too far too soon. When the day comes for Henry & Emily to take their first steps it will be a HUGE milestone. I’ll watch as they push their own boundaries and break out of their own comfort zones to put one foot after the other. We’re in this together, so from that point on I will feel ready to push the boundary on my own fitness goals, home workouts, longer runs, etc. I’m loving this plan so far!

It’s been painful, exhausting and challenging to get back to some sort of fitness routine but…I’m DOING it! I’ve got two precious babies, a supportive hubby, friends & family, the world’s best dog, a flight of stairs, double stroller walks, occasional weekly runs, an amazing sitter and an incredible weekly boot camp class with StudiOne Tulsa to thank for my renewed strength and progress. I’ve got this.

You know what else? I’ve got a pretty rad playlist. Here are a few of my favorites:

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Demons – Imagine Dragons

Greenlight – Pitbull

I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons

Renegades – X Ambassadors

Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya

Sugar – Maroon 5

Team – Lorde

And what about you?! What are you proud of? Time to celebrate yourself 🙂

Big hugs,


1st Halloween!

It’s official. We’ve got the cutest kiddos in the patch! Here they are in their adorable costumes as a “dress rehearsal” for their 1st Halloween:


Henry’s our little pumpkin, making some entertaining expressions while melting our hearts.

Emily’s our little strawberry, 100% sweet as pie and cute as a button!

Can there be more halloweens each year?! Please?! I’m loving this. Their expressions, cute confusion, and straight up adorableness is just what the middle of the week needed 🙂

In case you didn’t get enough cuteness, here are a few outtakes:

Happy Halloween, from Henry & Emily! What are you and/or your kiddos dressing up as this year?!



Yay for the Day

5:30am feeding in exchange for baby snuggles. Back to sleep for another hour.

Henry’s giggles. Emily’s chatter. Emily’s smile. Henry’s smile. 1st cup of coffee…I smile…they both smile. Back to giggles.

My forever comfortable grey LuLaRoe leggings. Stormy morning. Let Henry & Emily see & hear the rain from our covered patio. Zero expectations for the day and loving it so far. Playlist compilation for Saturday’s Tulsa Run. Tummy time rockstars. Double snuggles.

2nd cup of coffee. Diaper changing chit-chat. Sauteed veggies with leftover seasoned chicken. Trader Joe’s cold pomegranate flavored green tea. FaceTime with my sweet mama. Henry & Emily showed off their cute moves for her.

Discoveries in their walkers. Ambition setting in. Productivity. Clean laundry. Naptime article reading. Afternoon sunshine. Slow stroller walk one neighborhood over. Fresh air. Trees changing color. The kind old man who drives a tractor yelled out “How ‘dem babies?!” 2 miles conquered. Smiles turned to sleeping on the walk. Bottle prep success.

Zero dinner prep thanks to leftovers. Hubby’s home. Put their Halloween costumes on. Laughed hysterically. Took pictures (posting tomorrow!). Fell in love with my babies all over again. Bottles & pureed carrots. Bedtime routine as a fam.

Red wine. Modern Family.

Great day.


Yay for the Day

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

– Denis Waitley

“Yay for the Day”

Ever tried keeping track of only the positive things that happened throughout your day? Seriously – ONLY the positive things. No negativity from the day. Just the good stuff.

I did this a bit back in college. It’s highly contagious once you get going, and a great way to start seeing life differently. What priceless moments are happening that you want to bottle up and remember later?  Write them down. What sounds, sights, tastes, or feelings did you notice while going about your day that made your heart happy? Write them down.


To give you an idea of what I mean, check out all the posts titled “Yay for the Day” located in the category, Yay!, found in the header. I doubt I’ll be diligent enough to keep track of every single day, but I’ll post as frequently as I can.

Keeping track of things like this has allowed my mom-brain and go-go-go attitude to wind things back a bit and see this precious time with a clear focus. I just don’t want to miss a moment!

Big hugs,


The Twins’ Nursery

Once upon a time, I told y’all that I’d post photos of the nursery. Remember that? That was many many months ago. Oopsies! So sorry for the delay, friends. Turns out, raising twins is time consuming. No one told me that!!! Hehe…kidding.

I adore our nursery so much and am so excited to finally share photos of it! Back when I was preggo, I blissfully settled on the theme “Moon and Stars” for our nursery decor. After all, we’ve loved Henry & Emily “to the moon and back” ever since we found out I was pregnant! I wanted moon, stars, and pops of pink and baby blue to soften the taupe colored walls and to steer your eyes away from the 70’s brown shag carpet. I’m so happy with how it all turned out! Especially the cribs. Did you know that my sweet dad, Victor Wilson, hand crafted each of the two cribs himself! Incredible!!! It means the world knowing that Henry & Emily sleep peacefully in these beautiful pieces made with such love!

Below is a panoramic photo of the whole room, followed by photos of each special piece. So many of these pieces were gifted to us from our sweet friends and family. I’ve listed what store each piece was purchased from in case any of you want to add a piece or two to your nursery. Enjoy!


SUCH a comfy rocker! Purchased from Buy Buy Baby. Those precious 2 pillows were an Etsy find.
The moon was a gift purchased via Pottery Barn Kids! Those 2 stars I bought from Michaels 🙂
I LOVE these curtains. Something needed to doll up those brown walls! They were a Pottery Barn Kids purchase. The rod is from Home Depot (way less expensive than PB Kids’ rods!)

Having a mirror next to the changing table is (so far…) such a good distraction for the babies! Found the dresser that the changing table sits on via Craigslist
Sits right above the changing table & mirror. Couldn’t resist these 2 pieces when I spotted them at Hobby Lobby.

Emily’s Crib! Still can’t believe all the work that my Dad put into building this! We have two beautiful pink & blue bumpers gifted from my PB Kids registry, but we’re waiting until the twins are wee bit older to put those in. For now, these mesh bumpers are perfect; safe, secure, and soft! Mesh bumpers were a Target purchase.
Sweet “Emmy” napping in her crib! Pink sheet was a PB Kids gift.
Henry’s Crib! Dad actually build this one a few years ago for the 1st grandchild, Ellie (my niece) and now it’s been passed down to Henry!
Both Henry and Emily have these beautiful linen dust ruffles/bed skirts (PB Kids gift), as were the mattresses (BuyBuy Baby gift)! 

Isn’t he just the sweetest “little man” you’ve ever seen?! Blue sheet was also a PB Kids gift.
In love with our 2 “Moon & Stars” mobiles! PB Kids gift.
Safe to say this one was a “gift” a long time ago. We just love our Stella girl. We also love how beautifully she watches over Henry & Emily! She has adjusted so well. Couldn’t ask for a better doggie!
Head over heels for this piece! “The Great Adventures of Henry & Emily” is exactly right – they have many fun adventures ahead of them. PB Kids gift.
Just thought this was so sweet! Bought it at Hobby Lobby.
Every single book was gifted to us, and MANY more are in a cubby close by. Thank you, sweet friends and family!
Blue & pink arrow piece bought at Hobby Lobby
Floating white shelves bought at Target.
I just love this photo! Sweet Emily is playing while Henry is napping. This play mat has been an awesome gift, as was another that we keep down stairs. It’s been so helpful to have one on each floor! Bumbo chair (one of two) is off in the corner and those have been so great as they learn to sit up! Bumbo chairs were a BuyBuy Baby gift. 

And then…there’s the closet. Thank the Lord for our closet! Keeps the room looking tidy while toys, clothes, shoes, socks, diapers, wipes, etc all stay stocked behind doors. Friends & family, thank you once again for all of your gifts! Henry and Emily are loving life so far, and you’ve helped tremendously 🙂

Please comment with any questions or thoughts!

Big hugs,




The Nap Time Hustle

The twins fell asleep! Readdyyyyyyyy…..GO!

Laundry. Clean? Dirty? Whatever…throw it all in the wash.

Clean Clothes. Folding? ………maybe this afternoon? ………suuure…

Dishes. Yes. Do that now.

Bottles. Get the next two feedings ready in the fridge.

Floors. Hello, dog hair! I have to vacuum every day. EVERY DAY. Luckily the twins don’t wake up to the sound of the vacuum. Win!

Food. Yes. Goodness yes. Healthy? What time is it? Sure…I’ll probably eat something unhealthy later in the day so I might as well stick with healthy for now.

Water? Nah…COFFEE.

Diaper Bag. Leaving the house today? What’s the weather like. Oooo! Yes. We’re gonna do this. Diaper refill. Back up onesies. Back up bottles & formula. Woooo! Park walk or a trip to BuyBuyBaby…here we come!

Shower? What time is it? What day is it? Shower…or rest….shower…rest. Maybe shower tonight? Or the next nap time? Sure…

Rest. HGTV here I come!!!!!!!! Buying & Selling? Meh. Love it or List it? Nope. Fixer Upper? Joanna Gaines for President! I wish. Or maybe House Hunters? YESSS!

Something Intelligent? TED talk for our walk? Downloading!

Emily’s awake!


Henry & Emily: 3 Months!

When they’re not fighting crime and making the world a better place, Henry and Emily are busy turning 3 months old! The world would be so scary without our little superheroes. We love them SO MUCH!

Crime Fighting Henry and Emily

Henry‘s kicking his little legs like crazy these days! He’s gonna be a strong, athletic dude for sure. He is a bundle of energy, has a wide open smile, and lets out these silent little chuckles that just melt our hearts. He is SO adorable!

Emily‘s our little doll-face! She is chatting up a storm with her sweet sounds lately. She welcomes any and every ounce of chit chat with us. She is very calm, cries only when she’s hungry or really needs something, and is so preciously observant. She’s such a little angel!

Both are smiling ALL the time and completely melting our hearts ❤️. Happy 3 months to our precious superheroes!

Postpartum Fitness Struggles

At first I titled this post just “Postpartum Fitness”. Silly Katherine. I quickly remembered the reality of my life right now, and that adding one word would make this a much more accurate title. Postpartum fitness is totally a struggle, am I right? Instagram and Facebook pictures may make it look like a breeze when you see friends all smiley and hashtag-ie…until your joints and weak muscles start yelling at you mid-work out.

11899629_413323558859114_1028898289_nIt’s been nearly 3 months since I gave birth to my fraternal twins, Henry & Emily. Before that I was on modified bed rest for months. A part of me desperately wants to dive right back into running with ease, while the more intelligent part of me remembers very well that my body has been through SO MUCH in the past year. It’s like my mind sees a running path and goes “Yaaay let’s do this!” and my body’s all “Woooo! Okay, Kath! Let’s go!” and for the first couple of minutes they’re both like “This is GREAT!” – adorably in unison. But then, 5-10 minutes into the run both my mind and my body are like “AHHHHH this is awful!” Annnnd that’s when I get frustrated. The struggle is real, but I can’t just give up. I’ve got precious twins, personal goals, and a happy little life to keep up with!

Shortness of breath and a sore back are my latest complaints when working out, so I consulted my friend Jessica, a fitness coach and co-owner of StudiOne in downtown Tulsa, on what she recommends. Fun fact about Jessica: she was my very first friend when I moved to Tulsa two years ago! She’s also a fellow blogger and you should absolutely check out her blog: Sprenkeled. She showed me a super helpful stretch to support my lower back after workouts.

That got me thinking…and us chatting. I asked her if she’d be willing to listen to my and YOUR postpartum workout concerns and she’d love to help! When it comes to strengthening and stretching our bodies properly, she’s happy to offer some advice. Yaaay!

So…what questions, concerns, and problem areas do you fellow mamas have for her? We’re all in this journey together. Comment below and I’ll have her address it in a follow up post!

Big hugs!



Feeding Newborn Twins

Feeding one baby can be challenging, so adding another baby to the mix is certainly no walk in the park either. For twins, it’s SO important to sync up their feeding times at or right around the same time…otherwise you’ll be spending every waking hour in the first few weeks feeding and changing babies. I mean…it feels like that already…but every 30 minutes that you can spare yourself for sleeping, tidying up, or eating is worth it! I often get questions like:

Do you breastfeed or formula feed?

Do you pump?

Which pump do you use?

How do you feed both at once?

How long does it take to feed them?

Are you on a schedule?

Are you getting any sleep?

Which bottles do you use?

I constantly asked those questions to other moms of twins before Henry & Emily were born, hoping to gain some insight into what my life would look like. My “plan” was to breastfeed or pump for at least 4 months, and I was completely open to offering the twins formula if my supply couldn’t keep up. Having a plan or personal goals in place is a great benchmark, but I quickly learned to be open to changing things up in the first few months to find out what worked best for our family’s sanity, and of course for the twins’ development. Here’s the play-by-play of what happened:

Week 1

At first, I only breastfed. I tried tandem breastfeeding from time to time, but I mostly fed just one baby at a time. While we were in the hospital a lactation consultant came by our room every day. It was so helpful to have that support! By her third visit both babies were feeding better. By day 5…hello hormones! I would burst into tears at any moment from both exhaustion and my milk coming in. We were warned that when a mother’s milk comes in after labor, so do the emotions. Knowing that in advance really helped me distinguish between new parent anxiety and the postpartum induced emotions which overwhelmed my thoughts. I worked so hard at remembering that my emotions were the result of my body’s hardcore changes in such a short amount of time, and that really did help. It’s a very difficult battle for any new mom to go through, but we get through it because we’re AWESOME! Am I right?! Wooo! You just have to ride it out, stay positive, build up your support system of positive people cheering you on, and do your best to take care of yourself.

Trying to breastfeed twins in the beginning was rough, especially during night feedings. Each twin took at least 20-30 minutes to feed, and it was exhausting. I was barely getting any sleep. Luckily, we had a pattern that first week where Sean would do a baby tradeoff, change a diaper, re-swaddle them, and rock them back to sleep while I fed baby #2. I sluggishly snuck back into bed only to get an hour of sleep before the next baby would wake up. It was rough…but as all parents do…we got through it!

Tip: Have your “feeding station” ready. It helped SO much to have everything waiting for me in advance. After each feeding and before I went to bed I’d make sure there was a: fresh glass of water, cell phone charger, granola bar (breastfeeding makes you super hungry!), iPad/cell phone, and nursing pillow. I looooved my twin nursing pillow, even when feeding just one baby at a time – it was a life saver!

Weeks 2 – 4

I mainly breastfed, then offered 2 oz of formula (Similac for Supplementation) if they were still hungry after 20 minutes (and they usually were). I broke out the pump by week 2 in an attempt to keep a stash of breastmilk in the fridge so that Sean could help with a feeding from time to time. I LOVED the Medela pump, and luckily our insurance covered the cost so I received that for free!

Tip: if you plan on pumping, check with your insurance while you’re pregnant to see if they’ll cover a pump for you before you purchase one yourself, or before adding one to your baby registry.

Weeks 5 – 8

Around this time I had completely stopped breastfeeding and switched to only bottle feeding. I’d pump after each feeding and either stored it in the fridge or kept it covered and at room temp for the next feeding. Breast milk can stay at room temp for about 4-6 hours, and for a few days in the fridge. I began getting SO tired at night by pumping after each feeding that I decided to only pump once at night and instead offered formula for those late night & early morning feedings. That worked like a dream because it meant a wee bit of extra sleep for me! Win!

You know what else was a win? Sean’s double-feed method. That’s right. My sweet hubby was the one who came up with the comfy set up on our couch where whichever one of us was feeding the babies would sit in the middle with one baby on the right and one on the left, each in their newborn Boppy pillows. It works like a charm, and also cuts the feeding time down by 50%. WIN WIN WIN! Here’s what I looked like in all my “mom-bun” wearin, comfy clothes sportin glory:

Photo on 7-20-16 at 10.36 AM #2

Tip: make sure that when you purchase bottles, you buy an adapter that will fit your bottles to the pump. We tried SO many different bottles in the first 2 months, and you might too, so make sure whichever you’re using will adapt to your pump for quick & easy usage/storage. If you’d like my opinion on Munchkin Latch, Dr. Brown’s, or Madela bottles, comment below and ask!

Weeks 9-11

The less I pumped, the less supply I had. Your body will work hard to give you a good supply if you create a demand for it by pumping or breastfeeding, so as I began offering more formula and less breastmilk, my supply began to slow down. I definitely began to worry at this point because I was only just reaching the 2 month mark and already seeing my supply go away!

Was I being a bad mother? Were the twins being deprived of nutrients? Would people judge me for “giving up” on giving them breast milk?

No….nope…and not one bit. 😉

I struggled with those fears at first, shed a few tears, and quickly got over it when I remembered

“Hmm…I have two babies. Two of them. TWO hungry babies. So many women can’t provide enough breastmilk for one baby, let alone two. So…stop being sad and celebrate what I can do for them! Bring on the formulaaaa!”

If I could breastfeed both twins, get enough sleep, and maintain that supply for months to come then that’s exactly what I would do…but I’m not perfect and I just can’t do it all. So, “fed,” is the best thing I kept remembering. I’m so grateful that I live in an age where I can feed my babies good formula without ridicule or judgement.

By now, we’ve got both twins on 100% Enfamil Gentlease for their acid reflux and it works like a charm! The twins love it, and you know what else they love? Dr. Brown’s bottles! God bless yooooouuu, Dr. Brown’s bottles! Though it takes a little longer to feed them, their reflux and fussiness is WAY more controlled now. It also takes a while to put each bottle together due to the filter it comes with. But again…it’s worth the extra work! Check out a time lapse that I put together for just 4 feedings worth of bottle prep for the twins (8 bottles):

Tip: I recommend getting the Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher. An Instagram user recommended that I give it a try, and I’m SO glad I did! I can make up to 32 oz of formula in one pitcher, I close the top, store it in the fridge, then boom…I just pour as needed when it’s feeding time. It’s so much easier than measuring out enough scoops + water + shaking before each feeding when the babies are crying. So much easier when I just pour, tighten the bottle, and feed! 

Phew! Thanks for reading, y’all. What did I leave out? Any thoughts or questions? I’m no expert…just sharing what worked for me & my little fam. Does this bring back memories for some of you? Share below in the comments section. I would LOVE to hear from y’all! Every baby & family is different and I applaud every mother & father for feeding their baby the best way they can!

Big hugs,


Dear Oklahoma

Dear Oklahoma,

Two sweet little years ago we rolled into Owasso with our U Haul in tow and settled in for a new adventure. Road trips, bike paths, tornado warnings, country concerts, new friends, a great job, and TWO BABIES later…here we are, even more in love with this beautiful land than ever before.

This move gave us the breath of fresh air that Sean and I craved when fighting D.C. traffic and cranky city commuters years ago. D.C. is an incredible place, but being “country people” at heart, this move came at a perfect time. We continue to be overwhelmed by the sweet, laid back, genuine nature of the people here. I adore the friends I’ve made, the inviting landscape I’ve explored, and the simple fact that my children were born here.

Happy 2 years to us, Oklahoma! Thanks for keeping life so beautiful.



New Mama Life

Well helloooo! Sean and I have made it through the first 8 weeks of parenthood…with a twist. If you’re just “tuning in,” we have newborn fraternal twins! You can check out my blog announcement from the day they were born: Henry & Emily, or read all about what my twin pregnancy was like: Pregnancy.

So…twins. Oh my goodness, where to begin…

We’re over the moon that this little boy & little girl are ours. We’ve fallen head over heels for them! I’ve got a post coming soon, once they reach 2 months, on how they’re growing and what’s new with their development. But for now, I want to share what it’s really like for us these first few months, how I’m doing, and how my day to day life has changed.

Honestly, much of those first few weeks are a TOTAL blur. I’ve never been that sleep deprived in my life yet as all of our friends who are parents told us – you somehow just do it. You have to! You manage to stay painfully awake, snuggle with them through the tears (yes, both yours and theirs!), drink coffee, chug water, and sleep whenever/if you can. It ALL gets better. Trust me. There are good mornings and bad ones, easy afternoons and stressful ones, short nights and never-ending ones. Coming off those first few weeks I felt like Will Ferrell at the end of this scene in Old School where he finishes a killer response then says “What happened…I blacked out.” 

Yup. I totally felt like that midway through our first month. What just happened? Did these 2 little people really grow in my belly for nearly 9 months? Did I really just give birth to them!? Did we actually survive those first weeks as new parents with newborn twins!? WHAT! We really can do this.

In order to keep my sanity (so far) I’ve been reminding myself of three important things:

1) Make it a priority to take care of myself.

2) Embrace all of this as my “new normal.”

3) Remember to stay grateful.

Together, those things have made all the difference in my attitude through the sleepless nights, the projectile spit up in my hair, the 4320483294 diaper changes, those first few weeks of crazy postpartum hormoooones!, the breastfeeding vs. formula feeding dilemmas, the attempts to get both babies on the same feeding and sleeping routine, the ear-piercing cries at bath-time, or the isolation of staying at home every day.

At first, I found myself fighting the reality of exhaustion in attempts to sneak in a baking session, a blog post, a cleaning spree, or other projects that I had time for in my pre-mama life. So many of those attempts continued to fail and I ended up exhausting myself even more. I finally listened to my gut (and prior advice) by rewarding those rare pockets of time when the twins are sleeping with my basic needs (sleep/rest & mental health).

As far as gratefulness goes – I’ve prayed for these little ones (so many of you have!) for years, and now they’re finally here! That alone is enough to give me the kick in the butt that I needed to stay positive and remain grateful. Honestly though, it’s really not that hard to be grateful and to stay positive when you’re so in love with your babies and you have the love and support from friends and family! Sean and I feel so very lucky.

My “me-time” is different now. It’s no longer sitting at a coffee shop to blog about recipes, or to go for a long run followed by a long shower and then taking my sweet time to get ready for a night out, or sipping wine with some tunes in the background all while cooking…uninterrupted, or hoping in the car with hubby for a day trip somewhere in Oklahoma. I can still do those things, technically, but it takes some serious strategic planning and back up care to make it happen.

My “me-time” is now in a million different little things. And sometimes, what’s even better than “me-time” are those small victories throughout the day that remind me how I’m doing just fine. Here are some examples. Shout out to all you fellow mamas & papas out there who can relate:

  • Getting the twins to nap during the day at the same time. Hallelujah!!! It means I can nap too, or shower, or tidy up, or eat…ya know…those luxuries 😉 . They sleep during the night every 2.5 – 3 hours, but during the day one baby will often be sleepy while the other is wide awake, then they often flip flop. Simultaneous day-sleep means this mama gets a break!
  • Leaving the house with them in under 30 minutes. If that actually happens – it’s a dream come true. It’ll buy me time for a drive-through trip to Starbucks!!! This is usually what goes through my mind before leaving the house with them:

Is the diaper bag ready? How many back up diapers are in there? Burp cloths? Extra onesies? I should bring two extra bottles. Holy heat index…I need to start my car early and get the AC running. Now to make sure they’re fed, changed, and burped before I even think about putting them in their car seats. Is the “snap & go” stroller in the trunk? Omg I’m starving…have I eaten? There’s spit up on my shirt….awesome…do I really need to change? Whatever. What time is it.

  • Post bath preciousnessWhen it’s bath time and neither twin screams. That’s one for the win! At first Henry & Emily HATED bath time. Now – they’re starting to really like it! Then once they’re dried off, clothed and swaddled, there’s that sweet baby-after-bath smell! Ohhhhh my heart! It’s the definition of precious! They both are two tightly swaddled, beautifully smelling, precious little ones!
  • Waking up from a 1 or 2 hour nap while Sean, or a family member Blended Iced Coffee Heavenvisiting, has been looking after them. When you’re so tired that your body literally hurts, a nap like that is EVERYTHING for your sanity. You might as well have just won the lottery.
  • Getting that much needed first sip of coffee in the morning as the sweetest reward for another long night of feedings, diaper changes, burps, swaddles, and lullabies.
  • Getting out for a solo drive to run errands for a couple of hours on the weekend while hubby takes over. Watch out, world! Happy mama on the loose! Blended iced coffee bliss. Grocery shopping fun. TARGET. Windows down, country music blaring, singing along, driving slow. Win win win!Family movie time
  • Watching a movie at home with hubby, wine, popcorn, and only needing to pause the movie once to feed/change/snuggle with the twins before they go back to sleep.
  • Date night. MAJOR WIN! Our family has blessed us with a couple of date nights out as they came to visit and we couldn’t be more grateful! I feel like getting out for multiple date nights in those first 2-3 months is almost unheard of, especially for parents of multiples. We are so lucky to have such support! Sean even watched the twins one night and gave me & my sister a night out in Tulsa!
  • Walk + Run with my girl!Going for a run/walk on my own. This is huge. My first song of choice? “Can’t stop the feeling” by JT. When no one’s looking…errr…when I think no one’s looking…I bust out some dance moves mid-walk. It’s the best feeling in the world!
  • Walking the twins AND Stella on my own. If you ever want instant cool-points from strangers – walk two babies and a Dog + Twins + Walk = Windog at once. I usually end the walk feeling like I’ve just climbed Everest after I’ve managed to keep Stella (our lab) mildly tame on the leash while also steering the twins in the stroller.

Date nights, exercise, getting ready, leaving the house, etc. are things that were apart of my normal life pre-motherhood that I totally took for granted. Now, I treasure them. There are so many more small victories that I could describe; moments that make me light up with joy and feel re-charged again. For now though, hopefully those are some that give you a glimpse into what it’s like so far.

I couldn’t ask for a better “new normal.” Though it may seem like a stressful time, it’s also the happiest I’ve ever been. Sean too. We are more in love with these two little love bugs than we ever could have dreamed of. I’m getting teary just writing this part! Seriously y’all…these two are such a gift to us! Their new smiles, heartfelt snuggles, “coo’s,” beautiful faces, and wide-eyed astonishment at the world are things that overtake exhaustion any day.

To parents out there (especially parents of multiples): I get it now 🙂


New Mama Kath 🙂

Henry & Emily

They’re here!!!! The little loves of our lives are HERE! Thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts, texts & emails checking in. It truly meant the world to us and reminds us of the love that surrounds these two little miracles…who started their lives TODAY!

Both Henry & Emily were delivered naturally with thanks to a heavenly epidural, my amazing hubby cheering me on, our incredible doctor, and the most supportive team of nurses that parents-to-be could ask for!!! I needed to deliver in the O.R. simply because with twins, there is always a risk of having to do an emergency c-section. I was SO grateful that I could stick to my plan & goal of a vaginal birth. Welcoming these two munchkins into this world was the most incredible day of our lives.

Henry Wilson Mason

Born: June 6, 2016 @ 2:00 p.m.

Weight: 7 Lbs 3 oz

Length: 20 in.

Emily Carolyn Mason

Born: June 6, 2016 @ 2:07 p.m.

Weight: 5 Lbs 11 oz

Length: 19 in.

Here are a few photos from today. Of course there will be a million more updates to come, but for now – time to catch just a wee bit of sleep if we can!

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Growing up, I vaguely thought I understood the sacrifices that mothers make for their children, but as my days of entering motherhood are growing as quickly as my pregnant belly is – I’m starting to see it all more clearly now. I find myself clinging to every memory of what my mama did for me, my sister, and my dad over the years because I truly hope to be the same kind of mother to my children.


In honor of my sweet mama, Jane, here are a few of my favorite things about her:

  1. Her pure, unapologetic, confident joy.
  2. The precious ways she turned chores into games when I was a little girl so that I’d actually enjoy doing them.
  3. When I thank her for doing something for me, she always replies with “Oh it’s my JOY!” 🙂
  4. Those mouthwatering meals she makes and displays with love.
  5. The many days that she stayed home from work to take care of me because I had strep throat for the 348th time.
  6. Every single joyful call to me just checking in.
  7. When she’s sitting in a chair and is so excited that she can’t keep her feet on the floor, so she sticks her legs straight out and they just stay there while she’s beaming with joy. Not gonna lie…I find myself doing it all the time too!
  8. When she plays the piano you can literally hear her spirit and happiness through the music.
  9. How she laughs genuinely at my jokes! I just love laughing with her.
  10. Her love of helping other people.

This is her first Mother’s Day without her own mama, my Grandmama Carolyn, who passed away last fall. When Grandmama Carolyn passed away it was hard for our entire family to imagine a life without her, even when we had time to mentally prepare that she was ready to go “home.” Grandmama was one of those ladies who would meet a stranger in the grocery store, change their life with her smile and sweet demeanor, then ask if there was anything she could help pray for. I remember friends and neighbors of hers would frequently stop by when I visited her just to “check in” or drop off a meal for her…but really you could tell that they just needed a dose of her happy, peaceful spirit in their life. What a beautiful soul she was. I see her spirit in both my mama and sister every day.

Grandmama knew that Sean and I had been trying to start a family for a while, so she prayed for us daily. Y’all…it still gives me chills to say this, but just days after we said goodbye to her at her funeral in North Carolina, Sean and I found out that I was pregnant! Weeks later we learned we’re having twins, and months later we learned that it was one boy and one girl. I call these babies our little miracles, and I thank God and my dear Grandmama in heaven all the time for them.

The love, joy, and care that a mother can give is remarkable. I feel such a special urgency to carry on these traits as I enter motherhood to these two little miracles. I’ll be tested with projectile vomit, about a million dirty diapers, seemingly endless tears, and both mental and physical exhaustion…but nothing can prepare me for the love that I’ll feel when they’re here. That, and the simple reminder from my mama that happiness is a choice, is all that I need. 🙂

Sending my love to my sweet friends who are mamas, soon-to-be mamas, and those who are going through the same journey I’ve gone through to get here. You are inspirational – I hope you know that!

Now, go thank your mama!

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!


32 at 32…with 2

Today marks 32 weeks pregnant at 32 years old…with 2 on the way! I’ve been pretty stoked to get to this mini-milestone just to be able to say that :). My real milestone is getting to 34-38 weeks and I feel confident we’ll get there. As my mama-friends have said, “Every day’s a win!”

I’ve done my best to mentally prepare for both delivery options and for any labor plans to change quickly if need be for the twins’ safety. We’ll just see what happens on “game day!” So far, we’re all doing really well. As of yesterday, both babies are in the head-down position (exactly what I want for labor – woohoo!), but our girl (Baby B) is quite the little gymnast in there showing off all kinds of movements, twists, turns, and positions…so who knows how she’ll be on delivery day.

They were both measured for their “growth scan” a week ago, so by now our boy is likely well over 4.5 pounds (ahead of schedule!) and our girl is around 4 pounds (right on track). Heart rates are awesome, fluid levels are normal, and they’ve even been seen on ultrasounds doing some “practice breathing”…which apparently they  should be doing right about now. I’m so proud of them! Just a few more weeks to go now. The 3rd trimester has its ups and mild downs, but overall I’m really happy.

The good:

  • no back pain at all – thank you, bed rest!!!
  • food all the time – I don’t mind it 😉
  • the babies are now able to hear and recognize voices – Sean & I chat it up with them all the time!
  • they’ve even started to have dreams apparently!

The “meh”:

  • hellooo heartburn – especially in the middle of the night, even when I watch what I eat for dinner! No escaping it.
  • trying to sleep is a mess – between heartburn, growing pains, and having to get up to pee every 2 hours…it’s not ideal, but at least it’s starting to prepare me for the sleep deprivation ahead!
  • out of breath – sorry to anyone who has a conversation with me, because I need to stop and take a few breaths like every other sentence.
  • contractions…which are normal, just uncomfortable.

I cannot wait to meet our two little miracles!

Happy Friday!