Yays for the Day

Wednesday, May 30

6am wakeup call greeted by my 2 soon-to-be 1 year olds smiling ear-to-ear as I walked in the nursery. “Gooooooood MOOORNIIING!” I said, arms outstretched with a gigantic smile.

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Yay for the Day

5:00 a.m. feeding then back to sleep for 2 more hours…and the same for mama :). Already felt I was winning and the day barely started! Henry woke up first (he usually does) at 7:20 a.m. Cute cute cuuuuute ‘lil sleepy smile as I peaked over the crib to say good morning. Took him over to Emily’s crib and we peaked over. I said “Your sissy’s sleepin!” He looked at her sleeping, then looked at me, then looked at her and smiled. Kept him on my hip as we went down to the kitchen for mama’s magical first cup of coffee. He loves to watch the Keurig do it’s thing. Switched him to my left hip cause he’s getting so heavy, which reminded me of how good it is to be starting fit camp from home on Monday! As the coffee poured into the cup, Henry stared with his classic open mouthed amazement. I put him into his walker while I got bottles ready. Laughed as I saw him smiling and giggling at Stella (our lab) chomping on her dog food.

Watched the monitor and listened as sweet Emmy slowly stirred, as did her “dadadadadagugugah” sounds. As I climbed the stairs to get her, I remembered wanting this moment for years. That moment when I walk in, my child beams with joy, and I get to welcome them to the greatest new day. My messy house, those years of waiting, my tired feet, or my sore muscles just melt away when I see her or her brother smile. Overwhelmed with gratitude as I held her close and smooched her squishy cheeks.

Bottles were guzzled down plus a pureed oatmeal + fruit mix started off their day. Coffee and their smiles kicked off mine 🙂

Sean woke up as we were playing on the floor in the living room and he crawled down to play with us. We all adored the hilarious voices he made imitating stuffed animals. Then he made bacon. High five, hubby. 😉

Opened up the windows to see what the ice storm had done. It looked so gorgeous. Lots of floor play time upstairs and downstairs. We all worked on saying “Hi!” while waving our hands and arms. Henry was more observant for that little lesson than ever before.

Watched HGTV while feeding Henry & Emily bottles and pureed butternut squash. Plantation style, partially renovated town home for the win! Worked out on our old stationary spinning bike for 20 min while they napped.

Tag-teamed baby duty with Sean for a bit in the afternoon. Browsed a few other blogs and read some articles. That bit of “me time” to clear my head was so helpful. Heard him playing songs on the ukulele for them. Made my heart happy. We both tried entertaining them in the last 20 min before their final bottle & bedtime. Decided to see how long it took for all four of us to look out every single window in the house…haha, it was cute. Sean took the last feeding. Bed time changes and snuggles.

Glass of red wine. Feet up. Blogged a bit while Sean watched a game on T.V.

Great day :).






Yay for the Day

Thursday, December 15

Up just before 6 to the sounds of sweet but hungry babies and realized that they slept nearly 12 hours last night! Happy mama! Chugged their bottles like champs. Sean tag-teamed in to play with them for a bit while I got myself sorted for the day. Heard him talking to them from downstairs. I just love how much he loves them.

Made my 1st cup of coffee. Hmmmm, I adore my coffee. The taste, the smell, the cozy warmth…all of it. Wrapped 2 presents while Christmas music played and Henry & Emily meandered about in their walkers. Thought of how special our time in the NC mountains will be with my family next week. Sean told H & E a hilarious made-up story and I couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

Bottle feeding while I watched a House Hunters episode. This one was in TULSA! Ahhh! Cute couple who were totally down for a reno project. Found their hidden gem. Love them!

Played in the nursery. Emmy rolled around in every direction she could on the floor. Little lady’s on the move! Henry tried out a few new sounds which were adorable….and very funny.

Spilled crumbled feta cheese ALL over the kitchen floor but Henry thought it was hilarious and Stella (our lab) joyfully cleaned it up for me. Ventured out of the house with H & E to buy Sean’s Christmas present. Sweet store clerks carried it to my car for me. Babies kept sleeping in their car seats so I got to tidy up to the sounds of their soft snores and precious breathing. Heart melted. Kept sleeping so I moved them to the bathroom so that I could sneak in a shower. WIN!

Sean’s work holiday party! Los Cabos. Babies came along and were admired in their Christmas pj’s. Enjoyed a sangria margarita. So delicious! Nice people. Good to get out as a family.

Great day.

Yay for the Day

4:15 a.m. feeding, requested by cute Henry. I woke up sweet Emily to stay synced. Adored how sloth-like she was before totally downing her bottle like a champ. Neck hugs from both after diaper changes. “Night-night time” I whispered softly. I crawled back in bed around 5:00 a.m. Both up again at 7:00 a.m. Sweet boy hugged my side as I held him while making coffee. Added some honey and milk. Hmmmm, I adore my coffee. Sweet Emmy played quietly in her walker. She practiced turning the pages to “Goodnight Moon”.

My heart melts constantly for those two.

Watched as H & E looked in awe at our tree as I plugged in the lights. They are so amazed by our Christmas tree. We got it yesterday. Reminds me of how brand new everything is to them. Watched an episode of House Hunters during their bottle feeding. Cute colonial move-in-ready house for the win! Diaper changes led to putting them each in cute matching Christmas onesies. Photo op! Play-mat time by the tree. Emmy’s chit chat and constant curiosity. Henry’s energy and explosive smile.

Sean’s up! He took on a feeding while I make eggs & grits, my favorite. Sean showed me photography tips. Christmas music played in the background on Pandora.

Sean told me to go enjoy some “me time” which is everything to me. I love him so much. Threw my hair in a messy bun, boots + leggings + a LulaRoe top on. Zipped over to Starbucks in Owasso while listening to my favorite station “99.5 Big Country” on the radio. Elderly man behind me in line at Starbucks told me that his cell phone is difficult to navigate. I sympathized with him and he smiled with relief. I don’t really think cell phones are difficult to navigate…I just wanted to see him smile :). We told each other to have a great day.

Overcast sky turned to a really beautiful one. Did a few bloggyblog things as I sip my iced coffee with vanilla syrup (no classic for me!) and 2% milk. Answered some emails. Christmas music played throughout the store. Caught myself singing along quietly. I thought about how motherhood has made me care less about what other people think. I absolutely love that :).

Groceries then back home. Sean was watching football with the babies :).

Football doesn’t count when it comes to kids watching too much T.V.!

…he reminded me. I smiled and gave him a smooch. Bring on the football! He made us Triscuit nachos while I jumped in for the next bottle feeding.

Christmas cards ordered! Last feeding of the night. Downed their bottles and tried pureed peas. Henry was a fan. Emily…hilariously was not. Nursery room nighttime snuggles as a fam.

Glass of white wine. Quiet living room. Looked at our tree, candles, and sleeping lab.

Great day.

Yay for the Day

2:30am awoke and thought it was time for a bottle feeding, but sweet Emmy was just babbling in her sleep. Smiled and went back to sleep to the sound of “ahhdududu. Blabuuuu. BBbbbbaaah….”

Emily was ready for a 5am bottle feeding so I woke up Henry (gotta keep them synced!) and sweet boy just nestled into my nook. Both H & E held a finger/arm of mine while feeding. Huge smiles mid-diaper change in the dim lit nursery. Slow danced as I snuggled with each. One last snuggle before back to bed. 6am – crawled back in bed…I ADORE crawling back in bed 🙂

7am – both are stirring and I love the confidence of knowing that bottles are ready in the fridge. 1st sip of coffee…”hmmmmm.” Hubby helps with H & E. Bottle feeding while watching the news. Some decent things. Focusing on the good: Veterans Day. Heartfelt gratitude. Teared up as they shared this:


Have been off of Facebook and Instagram for 48 hours and counting. Loving the break.

Group-text check in with the besties: one has a sweet outfit for work, one’s on her way to a weekend wedding, one is sick but heading home for some needed rest.

Read books to H & E. Watched as they played in their walkers as I cleaned up and prepared more formula and bottles. Heart melted as I glanced over and saw them discovering things.

Henry’s new voice this week steals my attention. It’s stronger and louder than before. Emily gets licked in the face by Stella (our yellow lab). They adore each other.

Apples introduced! Henry’s thoughtful and adorably unsure about the pureed apples. Emily is in heaven! She even giggled and went “mmm!”. Heart melted. They briefly napped as I cooked up some seasoned chicken for the week.

Long afternoon stroller walk. Slight chill but balanced by the most beautiful sunshine. Stopped by a sweet older man who asked about the twins. He has a twin sister himself. Told me he was one of 10 kids. I praised his mother and he smiled. He told Stella she was a good looking dog. Thanked him. Told me to have a blessed day, and I wished him the same. Carried on our walk. Both babies asleep from the walk. Came back and tidied up until Henry awoke. Henry listened to a story while I held him. Emily slept for 15 more minutes. Love having one-on-one time with each of them.

Tummy time ambition. Snuggles after meltdowns. Tickling both in exchange for giggles.

Wrote long overdue thank you notes while they played and kicked in their pack & play. Back and forth babble.

Hubby watched both babies as I made dinner. I’m in love with making dinner uninterrupted. Poured a glass of red while dancing around the kitchen. Apple chicken sausage over seasoned, shredded brussel sprouts with sliced cherry tomatoes. Total hit.

Final feeding after 3 more books read. Where The Wild Things Are, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Emily listened beautifully. Henry tried 🙂

PJ’s and giggles. Family time in the nursery. I signed on to FB juuuust for a LuLaRoe live sale – couldn’t resist.

Great day.




Yay for the Day

5:30am feeding in exchange for baby snuggles. Back to sleep for another hour.

Henry’s giggles. Emily’s chatter. Emily’s smile. Henry’s smile. 1st cup of coffee…I smile…they both smile. Back to giggles.

My forever comfortable grey LuLaRoe leggings. Stormy morning. Let Henry & Emily see & hear the rain from our covered patio. Zero expectations for the day and loving it so far. Playlist compilation for Saturday’s Tulsa Run. Tummy time rockstars. Double snuggles.

2nd cup of coffee. Diaper changing chit-chat. Sauteed veggies with leftover seasoned chicken. Trader Joe’s cold pomegranate flavored green tea. FaceTime with my sweet mama. Henry & Emily showed off their cute moves for her.

Discoveries in their walkers. Ambition setting in. Productivity. Clean laundry. Naptime article reading. Afternoon sunshine. Slow stroller walk one neighborhood over. Fresh air. Trees changing color. The kind old man who drives a tractor yelled out “How ‘dem babies?!” 2 miles conquered. Smiles turned to sleeping on the walk. Bottle prep success.

Zero dinner prep thanks to leftovers. Hubby’s home. Put their Halloween costumes on. Laughed hysterically. Took pictures (posting tomorrow!). Fell in love with my babies all over again. Bottles & pureed carrots. Bedtime routine as a fam.

Red wine. Modern Family.

Great day.


Yay for the Day

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

– Denis Waitley

“Yay for the Day”

Ever tried keeping track of only the positive things that happened throughout your day? Seriously – ONLY the positive things. No negativity from the day. Just the good stuff.

I did this a bit back in college. It’s highly contagious once you get going, and a great way to start seeing life differently. What priceless moments are happening that you want to bottle up and remember later?  Write them down. What sounds, sights, tastes, or feelings did you notice while going about your day that made your heart happy? Write them down.


To give you an idea of what I mean, check out all the posts titled “Yay for the Day” located in the category, Yay!, found in the header. I doubt I’ll be diligent enough to keep track of every single day, but I’ll post as frequently as I can.

Keeping track of things like this has allowed my mom-brain and go-go-go attitude to wind things back a bit and see this precious time with a clear focus. I just don’t want to miss a moment!

Big hugs,