All About Autumn

My favorite season is finally here. Y’all…I’m obsessed. I’m completely head over heels for this season! Just like many of you out there I wanna throw on some boots over skinny jeans, wear cozy autumn-colored tops, and jump for joy in honor of all-things pumpkin. This post isn’t a review…a recipe…or a recommendation. Basically, I just love autumn so much that I can’t contain myself. I have a blog, and I’m not afraid to use it.

I know I’m not alone, my fellow pumpkin-spice-loving friends. I see your pins on Pinterest and I definitely see you instagraming those “PSL” wins too.  You’re just as excited as I am, aren’tcha 😉

I also know that the season isn’t even officially here yet. Silly, Katherine. It’s not “official” until September 23rd (yes, I looked it up weeks ago). But where’s the fun in waiting a few more days?! NO WHERE. We’re close enough, so I’m starting the celebration early. So, here is a list of my favorite things this season:

strolling around Fall Vintage Markets…with a PSL in hand…wearing boots…and a scarf
Breathtaking fall foliage
The perfect chill in the air; a sweet relief from Oklahoma’s Summer heat
The crunch of fallen leaves under my feet
Beer festivals downtown
The distant smell of a campfire
Picking out your favorite pumpkin…then deciding you need 54 more of them
Jack-o-lantern carving
Amber Ales
Red Wine
toasting Pumpkin seeds with Old Bay
reflecting on what I’m thankful for (3740103842934 things…in case you were wondering)
the roar of Excitement from a football stadium
baking Apple-spice-anything
simply saying the word “Autumn” 
Reuniting with family & friends during Thanksgiving
Slow roasting pork…turkey…veggies…Everything!
The anticipation of your football team’s success
Let’s GOOOOOOOOO Redskins!
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Baking…and Baking…and Baking
Being crafty
Sitting in The Coffee House on Cherry Street, blogging about how much I love Autumn 🙂

I could go on forever but I have a Washington Redskins game to cheer for, things to bake, and more pumpkins to purchase. Heheee! I just love this season and how it practically smacks ya in the face with excitement for new holiday memories to be made, old recipes to be devoured, and cozy clothes to be worn. It’s like the happiest line up of all things beautiful, just waiting for you to live it. 🙂

What’s on your list?! Are you as obsessed with this glorious season as I am? Add to my list by commenting below and keep the fabulous fall love flowin’!

Happy Autumn 🙂