Happy Birthday, Henry & Emily!

Exactly one year ago today, Sean and I set our alarm clocks for a 4:30 a.m. wake up call. I was being induced for labor that day! I was 37.5 weeks along, officially “past due” (37 weeks is considered full term for twins), and the babies were both estimated to be healthy weights + facing head-down.

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I’m so excited to finally bring my news to “Newlie.” If you haven’t seen my FB or Instagram announcement: I’m PREGNANT with TWINS!!! Sean and I are over the mooooon! Three years of marriage, just the two of us, and we now get to grow to an immediate family of 4…actually 5 if you include our perfectly precious lab, Stella 🙂

Here was our Christmas/preggers-with-twins announcement, featuring Stella, the world’s best dog and soon-to-be big sister:

Pregnant w/ Twins Announcement

We’ve been wanting to be parents for a long time now so it still feels surreal that these little miracles are growing each day in my quickly growing belly. It’s crazy, it’s beautiful, it’s totally scary, and it’s all a dream come true.

I’ve made it through the 1st trimester (cue the Hallelujah Chorus!), and hubby & I have seen our two little ones in a few ultrasounds already. Hearing those two heartbeats…oh my gosh…that’s such a rush. I still can’t believe that they’re apart of me right now. Those two little lives are growing stronger every day…it’s the definition of amazing! Wanna see? Here’s my bump pic at 13 weeks (one week before Christmas) when we finally told the world. Shout out to my amazing co-workers for taking this photo for me!



I’ll post a new bump pic this weekend once I’m at 16 weeks. I know that growing twins means my bump will continue to grow way faster than a single pregnancy, but y’all….I’m gonna be HUGE when we get to the Spring! HUGE! Official due date is June 24th but we know it will be more likely that I deliver in late May/early June given there’s two in there.

I’m coming up on 4 months soon, so just for giggles here’s a little preggo recap so far:

  • Hunger. I’m starving every morning. I’ve never experienced hunger this sudden, often, and immediate in my life until now. A few months ago I started noticing that after having a pretty decent breakfast I would then devour snacks, immediately followed my my entire lunch, all before 11am or so. Dang, girl! Luckily I’ve started bringing 2nd breakfasts, and tons of snacks. ALL I wanted in the 1st trimester were potato chips, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fries….anything with potatoes. I also had intense cravings for rice. Cheesy rice especially. Mmmmm cheesy rice. Guess those cravings aren’t over 😉 I’m doing my best to keep most of my intake as healthy as I can, but when I don’t feel like being Miss Healthy Pants it’s just marvelous when I break for a milkshake, fries, and whatever the heck I want. BOOM. Now that I’m in the 2nd trimester though, I’m luckily back to craving more healthy choices: oranges, apples, spinach salads, avocados, among like 78 other things 😉
  • Pregnant Brain. The struggle is REAL. If I only have one “pregnant brain moment” a day then it’s been a very good day, but usually it’s much worse than that. I don’t know if it’s because these twins are a double whammy of brain power or maybe that I’m just tired in the afternoon and things don’t connect as well when I’m tired…ugh. Whatever the reason – forgetfulness & silly statements are now part of my day 🙂 Well…they were before…it’s just on preggo-power now!
  • Exhaustion. Come 2pm I’m usually exhausted, even on weekends. I usually just chug some more water, walk it off and try to keep up my energy that way, but the exhaustion is no joke in the afternoon. Bed time is now officially 9pm. Even when it’s 8:30pm I start thinking about getting ready for bed juuuust so I can snuggle into bed by 9. Hmmmmm sleep.
  • HAPPINESS. I felt like this list was getting a little winey. It’s due for some positivity because honestly – I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. Sean and I know that we will never be fully “ready” for the whirlwind that this whole parenthood thing brings us, but all we can do is take one day at a time. For now, we thank God everyday that we’ve gotten this far. Sean is going to be the most AMAZING father. I knew this a long time ago just seeing him with our nieces and nephews. For me, I’ve always wanted to be a mama. Always. Though we both were “ready” years ago, we look back on the time we’ve had together as “just us” and are SO grateful! Holy cow we’re so grateful. Our world is about to be forever changed, so these past years together pre-kids has been such a gift.

Also, I’m overjoyed for not having nausea! How on Earth did I get so lucky!? I still can’t believe I haven’t been nauseous yet. We’ll see how the rest of my pregnancy treats me. So far so good!

That’s all for now. More news (including finding out the twins’ genders in the next few weeks!!!! Boy Girl? Boy Boy? Girl Girl? Ahhhh so excited to know!) to come soon.

Love & thanks for reading!!!