Henry & Emily: 5 months

Oh my gosh. How did they do it? How did they turn 5 months in the blink of an eye?! Sean and I are so in love with these two angels and thank God every day for them.


Henry Update

Henry is an eternally happy little man. I forget, often, that he’s a baby because he really does look like a little man! He has this joyful, wide open, toothless smile that reminds us of all the good in the world.

He is very strong and is in the 90th percentile for his height! We’re convinced he would take off and run if he just knew how. This boy adores standing (with our help of course), gets a kick out of kicking for long periods of time, and has one heck of a grasp. Even when he is getting into mischief (e.g. pulling the mesh bumper off in his crib), he flashes me a smile so wide, and so proud, that my heart nearly explodes. Love that little man.

Emily Update

Emily is our sweet natured little doll face. At just 5 months old, she has this way of letting us know that she loves us right back. She is very observant. She adores books, especially “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and barely blinks when she is read to; sweet girl just soaks it all in!

As she grows, so does her ability to learn new vocal ranges and squeals. She often loves to look at her brother and strike up conversation. When we hold her she is very still; simply grateful for the snuggle. Love our little princess.


Both Henry and Emily are now sleeping 9-12 hour stretches at night, so you can imagine how happy the entire Mason household is these days ;). We’ve started them both on solids which they adore! Along with their bottles, they enjoy a bit of oatmeal cereal in the morning, and this week they’re on pureed green beans before bedtime.

They’re champs. Best friends. We’re eternally grateful to be their parents.

Happy 5 months to Henry & Emily!

Big hugs,