Social Sanity

My dose of social interaction here in Oklahoma has been quite limited since I work from home. I totally catch myself talking to my dog…and myself,  and my unambitious appearance is questionable from time to time. I often dress like…how do I put this…well, like back in in the ’80’s when I was 5 and decided to dress myself for school. I look like a mismatched mess juuuuust about everyday. Here’s an example from a few weeks ago:

Whatever – it was comfy! But comfiness aside, I need social interaction once a week or else I fear that I’ll go a little crazy. Though working from home was an absolute blessing these past 2 years, it got lonely even with teleconferencing from time to time.

As today’s the 1st day of 2015, it’s time for a fresh start. I’ve got some new ambitions lined up for myself. I even have a new office job lined up here in Tulsa, starting Monday, January 12th! More on that later…but I’m thrilled ;). So, with this little New Year’s day off I decided to packed up my laptop and head over to my favorite coffee shop here in Tulsa – The Coffeehouse on Cherry Street. Sean’s home watching football, but I just needed to hear the faded cadence of new voices, soft laughter, the scream of an espresso machine, and casual greetings from business executives. Here’s the scene right now:

It’s great to be here. Coffeeshops are always a little slice of heaven for me. They’re a cozy reminder of how adorable people can be, especially when I people watch (without being creepy…). Wanna know what’s going on around me? You know you do:

To my left sits a woman who appears to be mid-30’s, dressed in her scrubs. Let’s name her Deborah. She looks like a Deborah. Deborah’s enjoying her lunch, and I mean really enjoying it. She’s alone, but she feels free to put down her fork after each bite, and 3 times so far she has proclaimed how scrumptious her lunch is.

“Oh that’s delicious!” that’s one…”Mmm!”…that’s twooooo…”MmmMmmMMM!” haha…and that’s three. She looked over at me (probably cause I looked over wondering if she was talking to me…or…herself…and was quickly on the verge of giggling). Deborah giggled. “Sorry!” she apologized. “I forget I’m in public sometimes, haah!” I laughed, smiled, and said I totally understood. Deborah’s funny. You enjoy that sandwich, Debs!

Then there’s the guy across the room sitting at a table against the wall. He’ll be Steve. Hi Steve. Steve is also talking to himself. This is like…The Talk To Yourself Corner. Love that I’m not the only one who does that from time to time! I think Steve appears to be proof reading something. I won’t judge. He’s reading in a low octave with minimal lip movement…so that maybe, just maybe, no one will hear him that way. Well, Steve, I do hear you. And I’m going to put in my head phones now because you’re just a liiiiitle distracting. Good luck with your paper though, buddy!

Then there’s a cute little couple over there to my right. What should we call them? Hmmm…Joanie and Mitchell? Hah! I’m funny. Joanie has short brown hair, about my color (a GORGEOUS color, might I add). Anywho – she and this guy Mitchell seem to have had a nervous start to their meet up. I think they like each other, but seem to know each other professionally. They’re talking quiet loudly so the whole corner of the coffeehouse can pretty much hear them. They’ve talked about a lot of work stuff, but the conversation has morphed into travel experiences, what their families are like, etc. I feel like they need a good laugh – that’ll break the tension a little, right?! Nothing I can do about that though. Best of luck, Joanie and Mitchell! I’ll cheers my new cup of Peach Jasmine tea in your general direction when you’re not looking.

Annnnnnd I spilled my tea.

Well…that was fun! I think I’m back to being balanced and social sane again. Whew.

Tonight, it’s back home to slow cook some beef stew for the weekend. More on that recipe later. For now, I’m grateful for the few hours I filled with social sanity.

Happy New Year, friends!