This Old House

I’ve been awfully reminiscent lately of the past 2 years and 8 months in our 1st home together. Showing the house to prospective renters, I find myself wanting to point out every single beautiful quality of the home like a proud mother when asked to describe her child. There’s just so much about this house that I’ve loved. I can’t help but write about it as we prepare to leave.

This house is where Sean proposed. Did I ever tell you that story? We found this beautiful place thanks to our awesome realtor, Jenni Davies (hi Jenni!), back in November 2011. We had been dating for 2 years and Sean was moving back from Salisbury, MD to the D.C. area. He wanted to own his first house (…and our first home…) so I came along for the house hunt, knowing that it was “our” decision even though we didn’t plan to live together until we were engaged. When we found it we were thrilled. Sean’s offer was accepted and I took a half day off from work to go cheer him on at the Remax office in Olney, MD as he signed on his first house! So that day…on Wednesday, November 29th…after getting the keys to the house we decided to go see it again. We wandered into each vacant room and discussed where to put his furniture. It was getting late, and I reminded him that I was treating him to dinner to celebrate. As we got ready to leave he ran upstairs to “turn off the lights.” A minute later he was still up there…and I hear him scream “WOOAH! Katherine you’ve gotta see this! Come up here!” I ran upstairs and turned right into what’s now our bedroom.

There he was – my handsome boyfriend.

On one knee.

Grinning from ear to ear with love and hope in his eyes.

Hands out, holding a perfectly beautiful solitaire round cut diamond, preciously waiting in it’s little box for me…

…for ME!

Y’all…I lost it.

This is where most girls would smile, gasp, and have a sweet little single tear streaming down their face while waiting for her Prince Charming to ask the question of a lifetime. But me? Oh I screamed! Knees dropped to the floor. I think I somehow crawled over to him. Bawling. Said “YES!” two or three times before he even said anything. And it even took a minute for me to calm my heart rate down.

TOTAL MESS. Total surprise. It was perfect.

I finally let him talk 🙂

What he said brought tears to my eyes all over again. Though I said “YES!” already, he also got a chance to “ask” anyway.

“………..say it again.” I said with a huge smile.

I just loved hearing him say “Katherine Wilson, will you marry me?”

And of course, for the 5th time, I said yes.

Laughter and smooches later we just sat there on the floor of this old house and took a moment to look around at our home, and realized that this was the beginning of us. This was where “growing old together” would begin. We called our families (which brought on even more tears of joy!) while sitting on those wooden floors, talking and laughing as our excited voices echoed throughout the empty rooms and hallways.

And that, my friends, is one of the many reasons that this house is so special to us.

It’s where I celebrated my 30th birthday. It’s where our friends and family from out of town came to see the nation’s capital (and us!). It’s where, and why, “Newlie” was started! It’s where my culinary experiments grew into a love of cooking. It’s where Stella and Sean play fetch every morning before he goes to work.

It’s a beautiful place, and I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world having lived in this home. Sean reminded me last night that it’s not the house, it’s us that has made our time together so special. While I know that deep down it was helpful to hear that; to break the bond with a house that needs to provide shelter and memories to another couple now. So, as we box up our lives and prepare to leave for Oklahoma in 9 days, we bring with us the memories of this old house and are eager to see what adventures are in store for our next chapter in “the sooner state.”

Thanks for the read, dear friends. I’ll leave you with a little collage of some fun photos from the past couple years taken in “this old house” below.