Henry & Emily: 10 Months

We’re in DOUBLE DIGIT months now! I can’t believe that in 8-ish weeks they’ll turn one year old. I put together another fun Flipgram of the past month! Wanna see?! Here’s their 9 month recap:

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Henry & Emily: 9 Months!

The past 9 months have been a crazy beautiful whirlwind…but especially the past month. This whole mobile baby thing? And two at once? Wooooaaah, y’all. These two are keeping me & Sean on our toes and they’re not even walking yet! We’re in for a wild ride, but we’re loving it. Every minute. Like…crazy IN LOVE with these two!

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Henry & Emily: 3 Months!

When they’re not fighting crime and making the world a better place, Henry and Emily are busy turning 3 months old! The world would be so scary without our little superheroes. We love them SO MUCH!

Crime Fighting Henry and Emily

Henry‘s kicking his little legs like crazy these days! He’s gonna be a strong, athletic dude for sure. He is a bundle of energy, has a wide open smile, and lets out these silent little chuckles that just melt our hearts. He is SO adorable!

Emily‘s our little doll-face! She is chatting up a storm with her sweet sounds lately. She welcomes any and every ounce of chit chat with us. She is very calm, cries only when she’s hungry or really needs something, and is so preciously observant. She’s such a little angel!

Both are smiling ALL the time and completely melting our hearts ❤️. Happy 3 months to our precious superheroes!